Nutrifield, Serving Customers for Years, and is Now Introducing the Latest Products and Fresh Ideas Online, to Offer a World Class Shopping Experience provides world class gardening solutions making your life greener and living better-- organically. Nutrifield's new website introduces the latest products and fresh ideas online.

Melbourne, Australia, February 10, 2012 --( Nutrifield, Australia’s topmost hydroponic horticulture and medium manufacturer, is the first hydroponics company in Australia to offer a complete range of organically certified products and fresh ideas online. These are available at

The availability of these products makes it possible for anyone to create an organic garden, outdoors or indoors, using top class hydroponic supplies. In addition, information about hydroponics or any aid in gardening solutions is available on the company’s website.

Nutrifield came into existence in 2003 to provide the best quality hydroponics products to Australian gardeners. These products include nutrients, growing media and growing solutions, additives and organic supplements which are easy to use and are eco-friendly. The company understands the process consumers go through while deciding on the products to choose for their hydroponically grown plants.

Nutrifield’s most popular products are Nutrifield Coco Nutrient, Nutrifield NF Zyme, Nutrifield Ocean Mist and Nutrifield Coco Coir Organic Growing Medium.

Nutrifield Coco Nutrient is a two-part nutrient that is A & B balanced for coco media. It contains all essential macro and micro elements. The humic and fulvic acids in this product are beneficial for plant nutrient uptake.

· Nutrifield NF Zyme is designed to encourage root and shoot development, optimizing all aspects of growth in plants through optimising the metabolic rate. This has the net effect of optimising yields and encouraging higher brix levels. It includes naturally chelated trace elements.

· Nutrifield Ocean mist encourages strong by improving photosynthesis, transpiration and respiration, and converting silica and metallic elements to plant food.

· Nutrifield Coco Coir is a highly popular growing medium, pre-buffered to prevent nutrient deficiencies. It is pH stabilised for optimum growth. It has high water absorption capabilities and essential air ratio for improved root structure. It guarantees hazard free growing because it is clean and free of pests. In addition, it is natural, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. It carries RHP quality (#036ST09) guarantee

Nutrifield provides quality products and the best possible information to its customers. Every product is thoroughly tested and researched before being launched in the market. Nutrifield has thus far been successful in servicing the needs of consumers if one goes by the large band of followers it has generated since its inception.

An important online development at has been the incorporation of social media in communications with clients. This allows Nutrifield to nurture relationships with individual customers in real time. It is an excellent means of giving people hydroponic gardening tips and directing them to the right answers in Nutrifield’s How To Problem Solver service.

In order to further its objective of becoming a leading international name in hydroponics supplies, Nutrifield emphasizes investment in its process, products and people to enable the company to grow as a successful international brand. Customers and the environment are the winners in the process.

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