Ink Body Markers for Swimmers and Triathletes: Skin Safe, Water Proof, Sweat Proof

Take Your Mark Sports LLC, a manufacturer of personal products for athletes, now offers skin safe ink body markers for swim meets, triathlons, and other sporting events. Unlike permanent markers and art markers which can contain harmful chemicals, Take Your Mark Sports markers use ink made with FDA compliant cosmetic ingredients making them safe for use on skin. The ink is waterproof and sweat proof yet is removable after the event. The markers are available in a variety of colors.

Ink Body Markers for Swimmers and Triathletes: Skin Safe, Water Proof, Sweat Proof
Chicago, IL, February 16, 2012 --( Kids like to have fun and Take Your Mark skin markers are a great way for young swimmers to show their team spirit as well as marking their event numbers at swim meets so they don't miss their event. The body markers are available in black, red, blue, and green and come with a mesh storage bag. The markers are water proof and sweat proof yet come off easily by rubbing with a damp rag or with common hand sanitizer. The medium bullet tip provides an 1/8" mark providing the ability to write small event numbers or larger body art designs. The ink also washes out of most clothing.

Most triathlon race directors and participants don't know that many permanent ink markers currently used for triathlon body marking can contain toxic industrial solvents such as xylene, toluene, and cresol which are absorbed into the bloodstream through vapors and skin contact. These chemicals have been cited as harmful to the central nervous and respiratory systems. As a solution, Take Your Mark Sports offers both standard and jumbo event ink body markers for triathlons. The standard version is cost effective and can mark up to 100 athletes while the jumbo marker can mark up to 300 athletes. The markers feature durable water and sweat proof ink containing FDA compliant cosmetic ingredients. The standard version is available in a variety of colors to identify waves or to contrast against different skin colors. The ink also washes out of most clothing.

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Rob Craig