Paleo Diet for Weight Loss, Inflammation Management and More

Core Wellness & Physical Therapy now offers "The Paleo Consult" to aid clients and patients in a lifestyle modification that benefits those looking to lose weight, manage chronic pain, autoimmune diseases and more. Located in the DC Metro Area, Core Wellness offers a full spectrum of hands on manual therapy and wellness services for those seeking a holistic approach to physical medicine.

Alexandria, VA, February 23, 2012 --( Paleo Lifestyle for Weight Loss & Inflammation Management

Going “Paleo,” or adopting a paleolithic lifestyle is believed to reduce preventable diseases. It is a way of living that gets back to eating good, whole foods that are gluten, grain, and legume free with little or no dairy. Chronic conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, acne, depression and others are managed and potentially reversed by optimizing the body’s anti-inflammatory response and proper use of nutrients.

It is with great pleasure that Core Wellness & Physical Therapy announces “The Paleo Consultation” to their services. This consists of an in depth, one on one session covering your past medical history, current eating/exercise/lifestyle habits and future health and wellness goals. You will be provided information and resources, as well as personalized recommendations based on your unique needs. You will leave fully equip to implement these changes in your life immediately.

Core Wellness & Physical Therapy is a private practice located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. It was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Polis, PT in 2009, with the desire to provide patients with one on one treatment sessions that maximized the benefits of hands on techniques. Along with therapists Jolene Walsh and Ann Wendel; Core Wellness integrates a vast range of modalities including trigger point dry needling, postural restoration, osteopathic manipulation and craniosacral therapy.

Core Wellness & Physical Therapy can be found at 2201 Mount Vernon Ave. Alexandria, VA 22301. Call us directly at 571-403-CORE.

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Paleo Lifestyle Benefits

Paleo Lifestyle Benefits

Paleo lifestyle can aid in weight loss, inflammation management, chronic disease and autoimmune dysfunction