SMEStorage Provides Hybrid Cloud File Server Appliance Through Integration with Eucalyptus

SMEStorage Enables Customers to Use Eucalyptus AWS S3 Compatible Walrus Object Storage as a Hybrid Cloud File Server

SMEStorage Provides Hybrid Cloud File Server Appliance Through Integration with Eucalyptus
London, United Kingdom, March 02, 2012 --( SMEStorage today announced it has integrated Eucalyptus Walrus into its Cloud File Server, enabling organisations to use the solution as a hybrid Cloud File Server. Walrus provides a highly scalable redundant unstructured data store that is compatible with the Amazon S3 Storage API. SMEStorage provides a Cloud File Server appliance that enables companies to rapidly implement a hybrid on-premise Cloud File Server that provides support for all desktop and mobile devices. Together, the solution enables fast, ready-to-use cloud storage and can evolve into a complete cloud Infrastructure as a Service on-premise solution.

"We have seen increasing demand for Eucalyptus Walrus from small businesses who wish to leverage Walrus as a private cloud storage solution, to start ups, larger businesses, and ISP's who wish to use Walrus AWS compatible S3 storage as a non-proprietary storage platform," said SMEStorage CEO Ian Osborne. "Customers can now use SMEStorage with Walrus to rapidly deploy a full data center solution, which includes native desktop drives with sophisticated synchronisation solutions for Windows, Mac and Linux. Businesses can also leverage the rapid growth in mobility to offer sophisticated mobile clients for iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile 7."

Eucalyptus Systems is the creator of the most widely deployed on-premise cloud computing platform. Eucalyptus Walrus provides a mechanism for storing and accessing virtual machine images and user data, and is interface compatible with Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Walrus can be accessed by end-users, whether the user is running a client from outside the cloud or from a virtual machine instance running inside the cloud.

SMEStorage adds additional features to Walrus including Cloud Data Governance, AES 256 bit public/private key file encryption, GEO location integration, a WebDav and FTP interface, and business APIs for managed files sharing, URL generation, file versioning, comments, ACL permissions and much more. SMEStorage Cloud File Server is provided as a pre-configured VMware image, enabling easy integration with Eucalyptus Walrus.

About SMEStorage:
SMEStorage provide a hybrid cloud file server that can be used on Cloud or on premise and that features sophisticated desktop and mobile clients, and Cloud Governance and data federation features.

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