America’s DeckBuilder: Partnering with Starborn Industries to Provide Uncompromised Quality to Southern & Central New Jersey

Edison, NJ, March 14, 2012 --( As the owner of America’s DeckBuilder Custom Decks & Railings in Barnegat, New Jersey, Gary Daley has spent the past 15 years dedicated to providing residents throughout the southern and central areas of the state with uncompromised quality. As a result, Daley has worked steadily building 18 – 20 decks per year, which range from 300 sq. ft. patio extensions to 2,000 sq. ft. bi-level “creations” custom fit with flowing staircases, wet bars, hot tubs and many other forms of exotic amenities.

“It is all about doing things right,” says Daley. “We never have call backs because we strive to do everything right the first time. In fact, I absolutely refuse to sacrifice quality for the sake of economy. I also approach each project committed to answering every home owner’s individual needs and creating a custom design specifically built to accommodate the customer’s lifestyle and entertainment requirements.”

Relying almost solely on word-of-mouth for marketing, Daley begins the client introduction phase with a detailed conversation filled with numerous questions and answers. The next step includes producing a series of rough drawings that are continually updated until the design meets every level of client satisfaction. Once approved, and depending on the complexity of the project, the actual building of the deck is set in motion, taking anywhere from one to five weeks to complete, with Daley on-site each day throughout the entire process.

Based on this unwavering quest for perfection, America’s DeckBuilder has earned numerous accolades over the years, including the New Jersey Best Overall Deck Project Award presented to the three-person decking specialty firm by the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) in 2009. Designed as an addition to a two-floor, luxury home located in Toms River, New Jersey and adjacent to a 500 sq. ft. built-in pool, the project featured a 1,800 sq. ft. deck designed with TimberTech EarthWood composite decking, granite top wet bar complete with electricity and cable TV, stainless steel cable railing, and LED lighting.

“The proper choice of each component is critical to the final product,” explains Daley about his company’s success. “I hand pick all the material. I also only use synthetic decking because of its ability to last for years virtually maintenance-free. Another crucial element in the success of a project is the use of stainless steel screws, since we firmly believe in fastening decks down and eliminating the possibility of floorboards loosening and squeaking over time.

“In addition, for the past three years our projects have only included HEADCOTE® stainless steel screws with matching color heads from Starborn Industries. In the past, we tried other screw brands, but the quality just wasn’t there. Each time we tried a new product, we ended up going back to our tried-and-true HEADCOTE screws. Not only does HEADCOTE® offer an ideal color match to the composite decking we regularly use, I can easily drive them into deck boards using a Muro Ultra Driver. The process is so smooth and easy I can securely fasten decking with the driver in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.”

Designed to blend with all types of decking, including Ipe, Cedar, Mahogany, treated lumber, PVC, composites and capstock, HEADCOTE® stainless steel deck screws are currently available with 18 colored heads to offer the best color match possible for the newest deck boards on the market. In addition to standard threading for trim and flat head, HEADCOTE® also offers Razorback 4-point razor thread screws and HEADCOTE® Cap-Tor® for both composite and capstock decking. As for the future, while Daley’s pursuit for perfection will surely continue in the field, it has ended in reference to his choice of decking screws.

According to Daley, “There’s no reason to use anything but HEADCOTE® screws. They never shear or chip, and Starborn’s customer service is second to none. I’ve done all the research and there isn’t a better alternative in the market.”

For more information on America’s Deckbuilder Custom Decks & Railings please visit or call 609-513-2311 or 732-505-0077. Additional details on Starborn’s complete selection of HEADCOTE® stainless steel deck screws with color coated heads are available at or 1-800-596-7747. HEADCOTE® screws can also be found in many lumberyards and hardware stores nationwide and purchased online at or

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