MD Clients Has Accepted the Challenge

MD Clients will be competing in this year’s MassChallenge competition and they need your support. Every vote they receive will put them one step closer to finding the right investor for their new Patient Management Portal.

MD Clients Has Accepted the Challenge
Boston, MA, April 10, 2012 --( The 2012 MassChallenge competition will be starting soon and MD Clients will be there to showcase their products and services. Although their newest innovation, the Patient Management Portal, will be receiving the spotlight at the challenge, they will also soon be launching an online healthcare network. This expertise with online solutions will sometimes make people focus too heavily on their technical skills but the professionals at MD Clients possess a perfect blend of marketing and technology experience. MD Clients is dedicated to providing their healthcare clients with a variety of services including SEO, social media marketing, web design, print and online advertising.

When asked about the benefits of the Patient Management Portal, the owner of MD Clients, Sasha Grebenyuk had this to say: “Healthcare professionals are always busy assisting their patients and trying to run their practice so they do not have a lot of time to dedicate to their marketing. We have designed the Patient Management Portal to be a way for them to oversee their marketing efforts while receiving feedback that they can understand. Instead of confusing doctors with a lot of unimportant details, our streamlined interface allows them access the most important information quickly and easily.”

The focus of the MassChallenge competition is to allow companies the opportunity to meet with investors that they might not normally have contact with. So the better they do in the challenge, the more attractive they are to those investors. With that in mind, MD Clients would like to ask for your support. Every vote counts, so visit them at to cast yours.

About MD Clients

MD Clients is a division of WOM Communications and they have been assisting healthcare professionals with traditional and online marketing for over a year. They specialize in designing SEO-friendly, HIPAA/PHI-safe websites and they can host them with medical specific IP and domain names. If you would like to learn more about MD Clients, you can visit them at or call 888-316-2124 ext 103.
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