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Chromis Fiberoptics Launches Low Cost HDMI Active Optical Cable

Chromis Fiberoptics, Inc., announces commercial availability of the world’s first low-cost optical solution for HDMI cables. This product transports the high-speed video signal over plastic optical fiber, resulting in an affordable product that is much less bulky than convention copper HDMI cables, and also supports much longer distances.

Warren, NJ, April 17, 2012 --( Chromis Fiberoptics, Inc., the company that produced the first commercial gigabit plastic optical fiber, announces commercial availability of the world’s first low-cost HDMI active optical cable (AOC) product based on plastic optical fiber. “This new plastic optical fiber solution for active optical cables takes AOC’s from being a very expensive, super-premium HDMI solution to being a very affordable solution,” says Whitney White, the CEO of Chromis Fiberoptics. “Although HDMI AOC’s made with glass fiber have been in the market for a few years, and have excellent performance in applications requiring long cable runs, or immunity from electromagnetic interference, they are not widely used because of their very high cost and bulkiness. With our much lower-cost plastic fiber HDMI AOC, we can offer the same high performance at a price point that enables wider usage. In addition to digital signage, and institutional settings like class rooms and conference rooms, we even expect that many home theater and videophile installations will benefit from this new technology.”

The Chromis HDMI active optical cable is an HDMI 1.3 High Speed Cable, delivering 10.2 gigabits per second of video bandwidth. Other key features include:

- available in lengths up to 20 meters
- 1080 p resolution
- supports 3-D
- deep color and x.v color (xvYCC)
- Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio

This cable has standard HDMI electrical connectors compatible with any HDMI port. Inside the connectors, there are tiny optical-to-electronic transceivers that convert the high-speed video signal into optical pulses that are carried over plastic optical fiber. On the display end, the cable also has a USB connector that plugs into the display’s USB port, and provides power for the active devices inside both ends of the cable.

A complete specification sheet is available at:

According to Miri Park, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Chromis Fiberoptics, this HDMI active optical cable will be produced for a variety of OEM customers. Says Ms. Park, “We encourage interested OEM customers to contact us to see how we can customize this cable to give a competitive edge to your product portfolio.”

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Chromis Fiberoptics, located in Warren, NJ, is the world technology leader in the design and manufacturing of Plastic Optical Fibers (POF) and POF cables. Chromis' products enable optical networking over plastic fiber at speeds up to 10 Gb/s. Chromis supplies a variety of plastic fibers and cables for consumer electronics, active optical cables, and building networking applications. For more information, please visit the company website at, or email your inquiries to
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