Woodhollow Press Claims That Physicist Has Revealed the Natural Order of the Universe

Author and physicist D. B. Kelley has made a revolutionary scientific discovery that exposes, of all things, the natural order and therefore self-organization of our entire cosmos.

Woodhollow Press Claims That Physicist Has Revealed the Natural Order of the Universe
Cleveland, OH, April 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Woodhollow Press recently divulged that physicist D. B. Kelley of Cleveland, Ohio has made what is arguably "the most important scientific discovery in history." In his new book titled The Origin of Everything, Kelley claims that Darwin’s principle of ‘natural selection,’ or survival of the fittest, explains not only the origin of species as exposed in 1859, but the genesis of every last phenomenon in Nature. In other words, it’s not just stable species that are naturally selected to exist, as all of Nature’s many enduring systems are ultimately selected. Consequently, our Earth isn’t the only ecology governed by survival of the fittest, for our entire cosmos is an astronomical ecosystem determined in full by what Kelley calls “preservation of the stable.” He therefore demonstrates that preservation is not an innate characteristic of being, but an extremely powerful process, or mechanism, which absolutely demands fitness from all such assemblages.

Kelley’s theory of ‘universal selection’ thus explains the tremendous amount of variation among Nature’s many ensembles as well as their stability, or order. However extraordinary, it also unites Darwinism and Einsteinian relativity, as it further clarifies the relative formation of every phenomenon ever to have been. While Darwin revolutionized our numerous biological sciences by revealing the immense logic behind every adaptation of every species, Kelley holds that universal selection revolutionizes science in its entirety. He claims that it illuminates “the natural origins and therefore the natural order throughout our universe as a whole.”

As the book that shook the world, Darwin’s Origin of Species therein defined natural selection improperly at its very foundations. In fact, Kelley argues that this fundamental principle ultimately operates not on species or adaptations, but on systems and their own respective behavior. The full title of his landmark publication is thus The Origin of Everything via Universal Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Systems in Contention for Existence. The book that shook the world has therefore been rewritten, and correcting its slight of error leads us to the natural order, or the stable self-organization, of the universe at large.

Expounding enormously upon the history of every last assemblage in the cosmos, this find is perhaps the most multidisciplinary and thus ground-breaking discovery ever made in science. This breakthrough is vital to biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, quantum physics, education and every other area of inquiry.

Although this milestone work is currently undergoing the peer-review process and therefore will not be available to the public until September of this year, it’s claimed that the first one thousand copies sold will be personally autographed by Kelley himself. To learn more about this remarkable contribution, readers can also visit universalselection.com. Kelley maintains that this information “will together initiate a second Darwinian Revolution--for this is merely the start of many additional discoveries yet to unfold.”
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Jack Claycomb