The Dawson Academy Graduates an Impressive Class of 2012 Dentists

Out of the approximately 158,000 dentists in the United States of America, 26 graduated as Scholars of The Dawson Academy this week. These dentists were among less than 1% of dentists to be awarded with the Concept of Complete Dentistry Award, which recognizes their commitment to continuous learning.

The Dawson Academy Graduates an Impressive Class of 2012 Dentists
St Petersburg, FL, April 28, 2012 --( The Dawson Academy, one of the leading international organizations for post-graduate dental education, is proud to announce that their Class of 2012 has graduated 26 dentists from around the United States of America. One of these doctors, Dr. Umar Haque, has taken all of the Academy’s extensive continuing education courses. By taking these courses, Dr. Haque has made a commitment to help his patients achieve long-term optimal oral health.

The Dawson Academy is where dentists from around the world come to gain a better understanding of not only teeth, but also the muscles and systems that control them. Dr. Peter E. Dawson, the author of the textbook, “Functional Occlusion: From TMJ to Smile Design”, is the founder of The Dawson Academy. He has published many articles available in the scientific literature, and has trained thousands of dentists in complete dentistry. The Dawson Academy is committed to teaching dentists to become “Complete Dentists.” Patients of these Complete Dentists will notice considerable benefits, long-term stability, and a dental experience unlike any other they’ve ever had.

At The Dawson Academy, dental professionals like Dr. Umar Haque learn to examine and treat teeth as part of the overall oral masticatory system, not just as stand alone elements. This unique approach helps dentists identify causes of problems, diagnose them individually, and treat their patients ideally, instead of simply treating the symptoms.

For example, you may have a chipped tooth you would like to be repaired. The Dawson Academy’s philosophy teaches dentists to not only repair the tooth but determine the underlying cause(s) that led to the chipped tooth in the first place through proper diagnosis and records. This comprehensive approach to treatment of dental problems results in optimal oral health, long-term stability, and beauty – that lasts.

In addition to hands-on clinical treatments, The Dawson Academy teaches dentists to treat each patient individually and ideally. Every patient receives a thorough examination so the dentist can better understand the patient’s specific wants and needs. This examination will provide you and your dentist with a complete picture of what is going on in and around your teeth, so that a comprehensive ideal and individualized treatment plan can be developed. The benefits pay dividends to patients for the rest of their lives. This approach should seem obvious, but, for whatever reason, is not practiced by most dentists.

The Dawson Academy congratulate Dr. Umar Haque and the other 25 graduates on completing their courses and wish him continued success.

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