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Common Assisted Living Operational Problems Can be Eliminated with Service Minder™ by Eldermark

Operational violations listed in surveys by the Minnesota Department of Health can be corrected with the help of Service Minder software, designed specifically for assisted living facilities.

Minneapolis, MN, June 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Surveys conducted in 2005 by the Minnesota Department of health pinpointed some of the most pervasive operational issues experienced by assisted living facilities today. Many of these issues are linked to inefficient operations and sluggish paper-based systems, which in turn lead to errors in assessments, reporting and service documentation.

Common assisted living problems
Surveys of 83 Minnesota home care agencies and assisted living residences were completed between Jan. 1 and Apr. 30, 2005. The results of these surveys yielded a need for better documentation and service tracking. Specifically, 40.5 percent of assisted living agencies failed to “accept and retain clients for whom they could meet the needs as agreed in the service plan.”

The solution
Service Minder™ by Eldermark Software provides the tools essential to running an organized and cost efficient assisted living facility. Here’s how Eldermark Software can help facilities prevent some of the most common violations within assisted living.

Problem: Failure to conduct a nursing assessment to identify functional needs of clients prior to service initiation.

Service Minder™ solution: Service Minder’s assessment module makes it easy to quickly assess the needs of a client. Staff can then decide if they are able to meet the client’s needs, and identify the specific services to be provided. From the assessment, Service Minder™ generates a service plan, creates service schedules, tracks services given and more.

Problem: Failure to properly document services.

Service Minder™ solution: Each service can easily be tracked and documented in Service Minder with a single entry - without the hassle of a paper-based system. Service Minder offers caregivers and administrators the tools they need to identify client needs, provide the services required and document and bill for those services within a single system.

Problem: Failure to review and change service plans after a client condition change.

Service Minder™ solution: Service Minder™ allows you to easily change each resident’s service plan based on future re-assessments. Each re-assessment automatically recommends alternate services which can then be added to existing service plans with the click of a mouse.

Problem: Failure to specify frequency of services and fees for the corresponding services.

Service Minder™ solution: The scheduling module within Service Minder™ can be personalized for each resident and clearly defines services to be delivered and when. The daily service schedule ensures that the right person is delivering the right service every time.

About Eldermark Software
Eldermark Software develops and supports Service Minder™, software designed specifically for assisted living facility management. Eldermark provides software tools and services enabling staff to operate organized, effective and profitable facilities which in turn offer superior care. Eldermark also develops and supports Market Minder™, software designed to help keep facilities at 100 percent occupancy through lead storage and tracking. For more information please visit the Eldermark website at http://www.eldermark.com.


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