Free VideoTraining Helps Personal Trainers and Fitness Business Owners Use Strategies Instead of Tactics to Build Business

Fitness pros John Spencer Ellis and Sam Bakhtiar discuss how to use fitness business strategies for success in a new online training video. The interview is now available online at

Free VideoTraining Helps Personal Trainers and Fitness Business Owners Use Strategies Instead of Tactics to Build Business
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, November 17, 2012 --( While many fitness pros and personal trainers are good at posting on Facebook or offering an occasional special, many struggle with putting these individual tactics into an overall strategy that will bolster their fitness business. To help more people in the fitness and personal training industry understand the importance of having a fitness strategy, fitness pros John Spencer Ellis and Sam Bakhtiar share their top tips for fitness business strategies in a brand-new online training video, now available at

Strategies are overarching plans designed for long-term fitness business success while tactics are components of that strategy. Both can be used to build a successful fitness business, but tactics without a strategy won’t take personal trainers or fitness business owners very far.

“A lot of people have a lot of different tactics that they use, but unless you put it together in an overarching theme and strategy under your unifying brand, you’ll just be running from one get-rich scheme to the next without ever getting rich,” said Ellis, founder of John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a fitness and personal development solutions company. “A strategy might be getting as many qualified leads as possible online every day while a tactic might be using Twitter. It’s how you put it all together that makes an effective fitness business strategy.”

In the free online video, Ellis and Bakhtiar explain what doesn’t work when it comes to fitness and personal training marketing tactics and get-rich-quick ideas and share techniques for developing long-term goals, strategies and philosophies for continual business growth.

“I’m encouraging people to stop hiding behind a computer and to get out into the trenches and actually meet people,” added Bakhtiar, CEO of the Fitness Concepts Boot Camp empire.

In the interview, Ellis and Bakhtiar discuss how to keep it simple in fitness and personal trainer business strategy, how to connect with more people in the community, create a positive culture as part of a fitness business strategy, getting more methodical about the fitness and personal training business, creating sustainable strategies for the long term and more.
The video is now available at

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