Online Seller of OEM BMW Parts Adds Zimmerman Rotors to Catalog

With the addition of a premium aftermarket brand, one online seller sets the bar and proves you don't always have to buy dealer parts for your luxury car.

Riverside, CA, November 15, 2012 --( announced today the addition of high-quality Zimmerman brake rotors to its extensive online catalog of OEM and aftermarket automobile parts. is one of the leading sellers of aftermarket and OEM BMW parts for BMW and Roadster/Mini Cooper automobiles, providing top-name parts from over two dozen manufacturers at up to a 75 percent savings compared to dealer parts.

Consumers can realize gigantic savings on BMW parts by understanding that many of these parts are manufactured by subcontractors known as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Manufacturers such as Lemfoerder make and sell parts to BMW, but these same Lemfoerder parts (without the BMW stampings and the BMW markups) are available from for significantly less than dealer parts.

The only physical difference between the Lemfoerder OEM parts sold by and the ones available from dealers is that the dealer parts will have a BMW logo stamped on them. The Lemfoerder OEM parts have a grind mark where the BMW logo was ground off. Other than that, they are 100% identical.

In addition to high-quality OEM BMW parts available from, the online seller also stocks hundreds of aftermarket parts of equal or greater quality. Aftermarket parts are created by independent manufacturers according to the specifications of the original part. These parts provide great value and can sometimes even outperform OEM parts through superior internal design.

“Zimmerman brake rotors are known for their quality and performance, and their addition to the catalog represents our continuing efforts to provide consumers with the finest parts at the lowest prices,” commented CEO David Mack.

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