Advanced Global Trading: Gold Investors Switching to Carbon Credits

Advanced Global Trading, the leaders in carbon trading, say that gold investors are turning increasingly to invest in the market for carbon credits in their portfolios. AGT experts also stress the need to deal with reputable brokerages to avoid carbon trade scam and fraud companies.

New York, NY, November 22, 2012 --( AGT Advanced Global Trading Gold investors are turning to the verified carbon market and the world’s fast-growing commodity in droves, according to the boss of the industry’s leading company. AGT experts stress the need to deal with reputable brokerages and avoid carbon trade scam and fraud companies. Contact AGT for more details.

Investors had relied upon gold as a safe haven during last year’s debt crisis, sending prices to an all-time high of around $1,920 an ounce towards the end of 2011. But this year, gold has been trading more like a commodity that moves in the opposite direction to the US dollar.

Gold continues to perform poorly despite a recent mini price recovery during the first week of June, due to a retreat in the dollar against a basket of major currencies, prompting buying and taking the metal above $1,600 an ounce – up from $1,540 in May 2012.

And Charles Stephenson, managing director of Advanced Global Trading (AGT), which is headquartered in Dubai, claims he has witnessed floods of investors in the first quarter of 2012 who have pulled positions out of gold in order to increase the number of Verified Emissions Reduction (VER) carbon credits in their portfolio. He says: “We’ve seen an increasing number of clients opening accounts with AGT selling increasingly shaky gold positions to buy into the verified carbon market, largely because all investors who have traded with us have made a profit – some as high as 38 per cent within 18 months.

News of these returns has spread through referrals from clients to friends, family, colleagues and we now generate a large number of new accounts through our existing clients on a weekly basis.”

Advanced Global Trading LLC (AGT) is the market leader in the voluntary carbon market and the largest wholesale trader for Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) carbon credits globally. AGT nominated for Best Sustainable Investment at the 2011 International Green Awards, helping companies meet their CSR objectives by supplying volume credits to meet corporate demand while offering individual investors access to the carbon market to benefit from price gains in the commodity. AGT is the first to offer high levels of liquidity and the first to deliver a world-class online trading platform, offering investors complete control on their carbon positions 24/7.
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