Colleagues in Law Launches It’s Unique Advocacy and Dispute Resolution Service That Takes Action Against Lenders

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Colleagues in Law Launches It’s Unique Advocacy and Dispute Resolution Service That Takes Action Against Lenders
Newport Beach, CA, February 13, 2013 --( Colleagues in Law, a California firm providing client-focused interdisciplinary services, announces to homeowners, the launch of its Advocacy & Dispute Resolution (A&DR) service. As failed loan modifications continue in the United States, Colleagues in Law is representing homeowners with a unique strategy demanding settlement with a threat of lawsuit against banks that have been unwilling to resolve the homeowner’s case. Their result has been a settlement from the Lender that happens in weeks compared to a lawsuit taking multiple years, says Colleagues in Law case analyst Cathy Ciapelli. Promoting preventative legal action, Colleagues in Law believes a small investment can often prevent very costly litigation later. The firm says that Legal action is often needed against the Lender, “encouraging” them to do what they should have done at the beginning of the homeowner’s hardship or loan modification. The firm says that homeowners will benefit through the program whether they have or have not attempted a loan modification from their lender. Homeowner’s nationwide have come together, stating that Banks, especially those who received TARP money to help homeowners, have been behaving in an inappropriate manner serving their own interests and not the interests of the communities or homeowners they serve; the result has been an increasing number of lawsuits against the banks.

Colleagues in Law Director of Operations says that their Advocacy & Dispute Resolution process starts with an eligibility check. He says they begin with an in-depth review, evaluation, and discovery assessment, complimented with a Loan Disposition Analysis (LDA) of the homeowner to assess their position with the Lender. This includes Net Present Value to measure if the homeowner is eligible for government programs through MHA or HAMP. Once a comprehensive analysis of the homeowner’s situation is completed, the homeowner is then notified whether they qualify or not. Client Michael Kenny said that once approved, you are able to engage into the enrollment process which Colleagues in Law and the first Phase of the AD&R service is executed to engage the Lender on the client’s behalf, demanding settlement with the threat of litigation. The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently released a statement that lenders are failing to do their duty with government bail-out money and there is currently no mechanism forcing them to help homeowners. Clients are saying the Advocacy & Dispute Resolution (A&DR) service forces their lenders hand legally, showing the bank how serious the client is. Their saying it provides quicker results and saves everyone money without having to file a suit. If the bank still fails to reach a settlement in 90 days, then the client has a stronger case proving the bank’s lack of action in finding a resolution.

Millions of homeowners have tried modifying their loans, but many who had loans modified only received a short-term fix from their Lender that later resulted in default because of the bank’s unwillingness to underwrite to government modification guidelines. To compound the problem, stories of bank management mishandling customer cases are being increasingly documented. Recent years are showing a banking industry trend favoring foreclosure, collecting as much money as possible from borrowers, then still foreclosing on the house to maximize return on asset. As a result of this disservice to American homeowners, Colleagues in Law's A&DR process is Proving results without the time and cost of a complete lawsuit.

“Why sue when you can settle?” says Colleagues in Law case manager Kelly Richmond. No other firm can offer this service since Colleagues in Law developed it several years ago. The firm’s service is personalized for the clients; it is an Alternative Strategy and unconventional warfare. Richard Alexander, Attorney and Discovery Assessment Analyst comments, “We’ve developed a very unique and innovative service which forces action from the lender to settle on the clients behalf. The action we’re taking causes the banks’ to open their eyes and pay attention, they recognize our name, know we’re serious, and we’re receiving phenomenal results for our clients. If your lender does not settle after we’ve made all possible overtures, then we’ll sue.”
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