ProDryers, Leading Distributor of Hand Dryers to Supply Dyson's Newest Hand Dryer Inventions to the US Market Soon

Dyson's newest hand dryers will hit the US market shortly as Dyson aims to deliver a unique hand drying experience regardless of the Dyson Airblade model used. Read more about the new Dyson Airblade Tap, MK2, and V hand drying technology.

ProDryers, Leading Distributor of Hand Dryers to Supply Dyson's Newest Hand Dryer Inventions to the US Market Soon
Livonia, MI, February 19, 2013 --( Hand Dryers in general have been an ever evolving technology. As new units have been introduced over the years, hand drying has made leaps towards effectively eliminating or at least reducing paper towels which leads to a greener, environmentally friendly world. The savings a business or facility achieves with cost reduction in paper towel expenses is astonishing. Learn more at on hand dryers vs. paper towels.

Dyson is well known for innovation and tackling problems by providing unique solutions. The Dyson Airblade hit the market years ago as the fastest, most hygienic solution to drying hands in commercial restrooms. This was the first wave of products to hit the market designed by Dyson. As a master distributor for Dyson, ProDryers will soon offer the latest technology to the US market; the Dyson Airblade V, Tap, and MK2.

The Dyson Airblade Tap allows for hands to be washed and dried right in the sink. You'll never have to walk across the restroom dripping water from the hands onto the floor again. With the amazing Dyson digital motor, the Airblade Tap can dry hands with the same technology users have become so accustomed to from the original Dyson Airblade technology. The Airblade Tap could also be utilized in home bathrooms or even kitchen sinks. This product could completely change the way many of us wash and dry our hands.

The Dyson Airblade V is a slim designed ADA compliant and handicap accessible hand dryer as a surface mount unit. This hand dryer uses 2 HEPA filters as hands are dried separately and not rubbed together. The Airblade V also uses the newest Dyson digital motor technology. The development of the Dyson digital motor V4 - one of the world's smallest 1400W motors has enabled Dyson engineers to build a hand dryer that protrudes just four inches from the wall. It dries hands hygienically in 12 seconds. The Dyson digital motor V4 was seven years in the making - it's one of the world's smallest fully-integrated 1400W motors. It's the only hand dryer motor powerful enough to draw in 28 liters of air a second through a HEPA filter and then dry hands in 12 seconds. This long-life, energy-efficient motor is digitally switched at 6,100 times per second, making the high compression fan spin 92,000 times a minute. There are only three moving parts, so there are no slip rings or carbon brushes to wear down.

The Dyson Airblade MK2 will be very similar to the existing, original Dyson Airblade. It will be lighter in weight and utilize the newest digital motor. Many of the unpleasant tones in the sound quality of the hand dryer have been removed. Overall, high speed hand dryers have to make noise. But by eliminating the unpleasant tones, the hand drying experience will be much more enjoyable.

ProDryers is a master distributor of all major hand dryer brands in the US. By stocking large quantities and offering quick shipping with out of this world customer service, and our efforts to educate our callers and shoppers, ProDryers has established itself as a true leader in hand dryers.

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