Reveals U.S. Consumers Set to Spend Over $15 Billion on Easter Candy This Year Alone has released an infographic detailing obscure facts about the Easter Holiday, which falls on Sunday, March 31. The numbers are staggering. Reveals U.S. Consumers Set to Spend Over $15 Billion on Easter Candy This Year Alone
Los Angeles, CA, March 30, 2013 --( In 2012 alone, U.S. consumers spent $16.8 billion on Easter items equaling out to $145 per household. If those numbers aren’t staggering enough, U.S. manufacturers produce an unbelievable 700 million Marshmallow Peeps and 90 million chocolate bunnies each Easter season.

Phuong Tran, spokesperson for stated, “Easter is a great holiday. We just wanted to share some fun and amazing facts with people out there so they could share them with their friends and family. One of the most interesting facts we discovered was it used to take 27 hours to make a Marshmallow Peep back in 1953, and now it only takes 6 minutes. Technology and manufacturing has come so far.”

Among the other interesting facts and information the Easter infographic displays is:

· Christians originally celebrated Easter every week
· Eggs symbolize the stone that covered Jesus’ grave
· Easter bunnies symbolize Spring and new life
· Easter chicks represent rebirth
· Candy companies produce 16 million jelly beans
· 76% of people eat the ears off the chocolate bunny first

Some of the more bizarre facts include the story of the 27-foot Easter egg and the 6,050 LB jelly bean jar.

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