Christian Brands Responds to Boston Marathon Bombing: Donates Rosaries to Boston Dioceses

Phoenix, AZ, April 20, 2013 --( While horrific events like the Boston Marathon bombing can tear families and lives apart, they can also bring people and communities together. Such is the case for a Valley company, Christian Brands, which recently announced it will donate 3,000 rosaries and holy cards to the Boston Catholic Diocese to distribute.

Christian Brands has provided religious products and services to consumers, churches and faith-based organizations locally and nationally for more than half a century. Much of their success is attributed to their commitment and involvement in the community from every level of the company. When compelling events like the tragedy that unfolded April 15, in Boston, it left only one question for the company: how to respond in a meaningful way.

“We know how important it is to come together as a community when tragedies like this strike and we want to do what we can to help in the healing process,” said owner, Paul DiGiovanni.

DiGiovanni added, “If this small gesture can provide some comfort to the many who are struggling to cope physically and emotionally with the attack, we feel compelled to help. The entire Boston and marathon community is in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time.”

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