PixelMill Launches More Than 4,500 Royalty Free Music Tracks from JupiterImages

Davis, CA, August 29, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Advancing its strategy to provide more creative and dynamic multi-media product options for developers’ Web design needs, PixelMill.com today announced it released a new online catalog at www.pixelmill.com featuring access to more than 4,500 royalty free music tracks from Jupiterimages.

PixelMill’s offering of Jupiterimages’ music tracks is an extension of the two companies’ new agency agreement, whereby PixelMill already distributes images from Jupiterimages for use in Web templates.

PixelMill introduced the music track option because Web technology and the bandwidth for audio and video have improved to the point that the option is viable, cost-effective and readily accessible. Music track solutions, combined with video, images and other add-on options, are bringing significant value to small and medium-sized businesses seeking to enrich their online presence. As a result, site builders using Web templates as a base may now add to their suite of semi-custom site-building options, royalty free music tracks that can be used for such purposes as in-site commercials, banner ads, dynamic header graphics, and a host of other interactive marketing approaches Web surfers have come to expect.

PixelMill.com, a one-stop online store featuring high quality templates, images, video, audio, add-ons, platform-specific solutions, training, and custom services for developers' Web design needs, introduced the innovative music tracks purchase option to continue increasing its blend of innovative multi-media options for use with Web templates (pre-designed Web site layouts). In the new era of digital and modular design solutions, PixelMill seeks to combine a variety of technologies to enable designers to more efficiently and affordably create compelling Web sites.

According to PixelMill Chief Executive Officer Jason Reckers, “Adding royalty free music tracks is a natural progression for PixelMill and our customers as we help them to not only create great looking sites or presentations, but also helping them create a more exciting and interactive multi-media experience for their intended Web visitors.”

As the use of Web templates has become a viable option for both new and experienced Web site designers and developers, PixelMill has increased the delivery of complete solutions that will help anyone, with a little time and resources, learn how to add quality multimedia to their site our presentation.

Audio tracks were the next natural step as they are increasingly being used as background music for PowerPoint presentations, in the production of recorded commercials, seminars, Webinars, Flash movies, image slide shows and as Web site background music (using a player that allows the customer to start and stop the music).

With regard to music tracks, "royalty-free music," in contrast with "rights-managed" music, allow developers to pay a one-time fee to use the track as many times as desired (as long as usage falls within the license agreement). Rights-managed tracks usually involve users having to track all the ways that the track will be used, and the pricing may be affected by how the track is used, and how many times it is played or displayed, as the designer usually is required to pay royalties to the artist for each use. With royalty-free tracks, each track may be used without any additional tracking.

PixelMill, established in 1998, serves as the Web's central source of solutions for Web site builders. PixelMill's extensive digital library features high quality, guaranteed royalty free and free of copyright concerns, templates and tools with more than 2,500 Web, Microsoft® Expression® Web, SharePoint Designer, Adobe® Dreamweaver®, FrontPage®, and HTML templates, more than 2,000 PowerPoint® templates, over 9,000 stock images, and over 4,500 royalty free music tracks.

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Chris Doyle