StoryAlity Theory Scientifically Predicts a "Hit Movie" in January 2014

StoryAlity Theory, a new scientific theory of film virality, predicts that in in January 2014 a new motion picture will enter the list of the Top 20 RoI (Return On Investment) films of all time. See The Numbers ( for the Top 20 RoI Films List, and see the StoryAlity website ( for specific details of the scientific prediction of the anticipated 2014 film.

Los Angeles, CA, September 01, 2013 --( StoryAlity Theory, a new scientific theory of film virality predicts that in January 2014, a new theatrical motion picture will enter the list of the Top 20 RoI (return on investment) films of all time.

A doctoral study of the top 20 return-on-investment films since 1968's "Night Of The Living Dead" has revealed that a new film enters the Top 20 RoI list every 2.05 years on average, the most recent entry being 2012's "The Devil Inside."

The predicted (2014) Top 20 RoI film's characteristics include that it will be: a horror genre film, featuring three working-class (and/or, student) protagonists and one main antagonist (or "villain"), with a production budget of $2m, and that it will be 90 minutes in duration.

Earlier this year the "StoryAlity Theory" Screenwriting Manual (Velikovsky 2013) was published as the first feature film screenwriting manual to integrate the proven scientific research on Creativity (as per Csikszentmihalyi 1996, D K Simonton 2011, et al), and also the first screenwriting manual (of an estimated 2500+ published since 1913) to use an empirical and scientific method in the study of film and screenwriting.

The StoryAlity Theory of Film Production and Screenwriting, which has emerged from an ongoing doctoral research study (2012-2014) on Film/Screenwriting/Transmedia, also identifies the Golden Ratio (1:1.6) and the Fibonacci Sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13, 21, 34, etc.) in the Top 20 RoI Films, along with over 30 other story/screenplay/film criteria common to the top 20 most-viral films (films with the highest audience reach relative to their film production budget).

Previously the author/researcher published "The Feature Screenwriter's Workbook" (Velikovsky 2011), summarizing the 100 most popular screenwriting manuals. The 2011 text is used as a study guide to screenwriting in various international film schools and universities.

The researcher behind StoryAlity Theory, JT Velikovsky is a transmedia writer-producer-director with 15 years' industry experience as a professional film story analyst for major film studios and is a million-selling screenwriter for film, television, videogames, new media and transmedia. Velikovsky was also the national games market analyst for Australia in 1999-2000.

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See also the StoryAlity website ( for more detailed specifics of the Top 20 RoI film due in January 2014 that the theory scientifically predicts (StoryAlity Post #70).

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Source: JT Velikovsky, StoryAlity, August 2013
JT Velikovsky