Silicon Kinetics® Ramps Commercial Efforts for Affinity Capture-Mass-Spectrometry (AC-MS)

Appoints Jay Smith as CEO and Keith Waddell as VP Business Development

Silicon Kinetics® Ramps Commercial Efforts for Affinity Capture-Mass-Spectrometry (AC-MS)
San Diego, CA, September 12, 2013 --( Silicon Kinetics Inc. (SKI®), the innovative proteomics tool company which introduced the world’s first 3D biosensor surface for label-free biomolecular interaction analysis and more recently the first to apply this to In-Line AC-MS, announced that Jay Smith has been appointed CEO. Jay was previously COO at Plexera LLC, VP of Sales and Marketing at Medichem, a subsidiary of DeCode Genetics, and VP Maldi-TOF Business unit at PerSeptive Biosystems (Perkin Elmer- Applied Biosystems- Danaher).

“Jay will lead the business activities of Silicon Kinetics,” said Ali Malihi, Chairman of the SKI Board. “Silicon Kinetics is fortunate to have Jay’s talent and experience, as we expand the commercial program for our SKi Pro platform, deploying nano-pore optical interferometry (NPOI) for affinity capture on our 3D surfaces.” Mr. Smith has devoted his entire career to the life sciences tools industry, in particular Mass Spectrometry and Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging and focusing on the commercialization of tools for the analysis of biomaterials. He holds a BS from the University of Delaware.

Silicon Kinetics also announced the addition of Mr. Keith Waddell in the position of VP Business Development and Field Applications. Mr. Waddell was previously at Agilent Technologies where he was Director of LC/MS Application Marketing. Keith has a long history in the Mass Spectrometry industry and has previously worked at Thermo Electron (now Thermo Fisher Scientific), Applied Biosystems (now Danaher) and VG (now Waters).

“Keith will lead the Market Development of new application areas for our SKi Pro system and forge new opportunities for us in the life science market space,” said new CEO Jay Smith, “Silicon Kinetics is entering a new era in its commercialization program and I am pleased to be partnering again with Keith in this venture”. Jay and Keith have previously worked together in the MALDI –TOF Mass Spectrometer program at PerSeptive Biosystems.

The commercialization effort has rapidly expanded to include the addition of Dr. Hank Wang, formerly the general manager at Bruker Daltronics China as the Senior VP in China and Asia pacific operations. Through a distribution agreement, Japan is represented by Mr. Yoji Yamakawa, formerly the head of Mass Spectrometer sales for PerSeptive and Applied Biosystems.

Europe is represented by Dr. Alejandro Merino out of offices in Heidelberg Germany. Dr. Merino was most recently the director of applications at Plexera LLC, and prior to that was the director of technology at XAPIEN GmbH.

Silicon Kinetics has added direct sales in the US by bringing Ms. Donna Hollinshead on as the east coast technical sales manager, formerly from Eksigent Technologies and ABSciex. Donna spent 12 years with Gilson and 3 years with Spectra Physics. SKI expects to continue building the direct sales effort in the US over the next few months.

Silicon Kinetics has also added applications expertise by hiring Dr. Kai Tang who will join Dr. John Ervin, CSO, in application RD and in particular Affinity Capture Mass Spectrometry (AC-MS). Dr. Tang is currently at the School of Biological Sciences, Division of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and was previously the head of Mass Spectrometry at Sequenom. Dr. Tang received his PH.D from Vanderbilt University. He will join the San Diego team later this year.

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Silicon Kinetics, Inc. is a privately-held life sciences tools company headquartered in San Diego, California. The Company specializes in instruments for optical interferometry in nano-porous silicon biochips. The SKi Pro™ instrument platform and the 3D SKi Sensor™ biochips are used to detect protein-protein, protein-drug, or protein-DNA interactions in real-time and quantify binding kinetics, dissociation rates, or biomolecular affinity rankings, required for the study of disease pathways and the development and manufacturing of therapeutics. More information can be found at
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Affinity Capture-Mass Spectrometry

Affinity-capture mass spectrometry (ACMS) enables the simultaneous measurement of kinetic parameters of protein-small molecule interactions with nanopore optical interferometry (NPOI), and the in-line identification of the interacting molecules by MS.