PM+CO Named Loacker’s Marketing Agency for North America

PM+CO Named Loacker’s Marketing Agency for North America
New York, NY, November 20, 2013 --( Pisarkiewicz Mazur+CO has been named Loacker’s advertising and marketing agency for North America.

PM+CO will provide Loacker with strategic branding and advertising support, including print and digital solutions and social media strategy. Tasting events will also be a special part of the overall program, to highlight the deliciousness of these products.

"We are proud to partner with Loacker and look forward to playing an essential role as the company further builds its brand in the United States," said Mary Pisarkiewicz, president and chief creative officer of PM+CO. "The chemistry between our companies was quickly apparent in the pitch process. We are confident it will result in a partnership that will create outstanding work."

"PM+CO consistently demonstrated powerful and innovative thinking across the full spectrum of agency services," said Christoph Tribus, president of Loacker, North America. "We were impressed with their strategic planning, creative, print and digital media solutions, as well as analytics expertise."

“Everyone at PM+CO is delighted to begin working with Loacker, and we’re eager to help them achieve both their business and marketing goals moving forward," said Steven Mazur, managing director, PM+CO. “Their philosophies in all respects of their products and business fit well within our core goal of supporting more socially responsible companies.”

About PM+CO
PM+CO is a full-service strategic agency based in New York. We are made up of a diverse, passionate group of thinkers, creators, designers, artists & technologists devoted to creating brilliant ideas that change behavior. With nearly 35 years of expertise, PM+CO has roots in both marketing and branding, which allows us to work with a large range of businesses, from internationally known companies to innovative small businesses. PM+CO stands to help socially responsible organizations and companies maximize their positive impact in our world.

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About Loacker
Since 1925, Loacker has created delicious flavored-wafer and chocolate specialties. Still today a family-owned company, they have the kind of story that shapes destinies and inspires younger generations. It began as a small cafe and bakery, one that was already showing its first signs of commitment for all-natural ingredients. Loacker products continue to be made without artificial colors and preservatives, hydrogenated fats or GMOs. In a full commitment to sustainability, product wrappers are 100% recyclable. Loacker produces a full range of specialty treats, and every one contains its world-renowned wafers.
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PM+CO Named Loacker's Marketing Agency for North America

PM+CO Named Loacker's Marketing Agency for North America

Pisarkiewicz Mazur+CO has been named Loacker's advertising and marketing agency for North America.