Study: How Much Money Can You Really Save by Switching to eCigs?

Study: How Much Money Can You Really Save by Switching to eCigs?
Long Island, NY, November 26, 2013 --(, a Long Island based retailer has done extensive research on the real savings of making a switch from traditional cigarettes to Zemo’s electronic cigarettes. The results and savings are huge, and will save smokers a great deal of money. Instead of spending thousands of dollars smoking, a heavy smoker will enjoy a quality product at a low price. The amount of money that can be saved smoking Zemo’s high quality products is life changing.

One of the biggest eye-openers in doing extensive research about the cost of traditional cigarettes compared to Zemo’s eCigarettes is the amount of cigarettes consumed in a month. Zemo has one cartridge which is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. The cost of the cartridges is where the savings begin. Even a smoker consuming two packs of cigarettes a day will save money, because a refill kit from Zemo (equivalent to 10 packs of cigarettes) will only spend $9.99.

With all of Zemo’s improvements including a new cartridge design, the smoking experience is very realistic compared to a traditional cigarette. The quality and high tech design of Zemo makes the affordable pricing one of the best products on the market today.

The Zemo team consisted of smokers who were looking for a better alternative. Zemo’s co-founder Alex Liang was determined to design a product with a realistic approach to smoking with a great taste and flavor. Zemo has two main product lines: the starter kit which is only $29.99 and the sleek Disposable eCigarettes from Zemo which cost only $19.99. Zemo’s founders wanted to create electronic cigarettes for every person’s smoking needs. is looking forward to the holiday season and can’t wait for smokers and non-smokers to experience their high quality product at a fraction of the cost.
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