Kinkoo Announces Infinite One to Put Mobile Power Back in Your Pocket

Kinkoo Announces Infinite One to Put Mobile Power Back in Your Pocket
San Francisco, CA, December 04, 2013 --( KINKOO is founded in 2012 and invested in by a company with 25 years' international trade experience. KINKOO is committed to providing high-end and high-standard portable accessories for users, which is designed to fit your lifestyle, keep you moving with always-on smart devices so users enjoy a smart life and have fun with technology whenever and wherever you are.

Are you suffering fast battery draining with your Smartphone? Certainly, like most mobile device users, you try all power-saving actions that are recommended. Screen at minimal brightness, GPS turned off unless necessary, force close apps, disable background APP refresh and so on. And it isn’t difficult to find out that even though you only use it for checking social media and texting, charging it at least every other day is necessary.

As heavy users of mobile devices, the founders of Kinkoo ( also had the same frustrating experience of having their devices fail at the most inopportune and inconvenient moments due to low power. It made these perfectionists decide to search for a stylish portable charger with right amount power in a thinner size. The products on the market hardly fit this demand. This is one of the main reasons that drove them to start Kinkoo. The aim of wanting to design and manufacture a product that has an ultra-thin and sleek style with enough and reliable power, which is something people would want to buy.

Their first product, Infinite One recently released by Kinkoo, uses breakthrough rechargeable A+ class lithium polymer battery with real 8,000mAh capacity and carries enough power to charge your phone for about a week. With the smart PCB layout, the portable charger can automatically recognize your mobile device and offer the optimized charging rate. The reliable Infinite family always delivers the quickest charge possible without overheating or causing any damages to your device. The device easily charges in 4-6 hours via AC adapter, and can be recharged with any MicroUSB cord. The gadget retains full capacity for 1 year if unused and has a recharge cycle of 500+times. In addition to everyday use, users can also make it a great addition for an emergency kit.

The Infinite One portable charger has USB outputs which allow for charging almost any devices that can powered through USB (e.g., smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile gaming devices, GoPro cameras).

The compact design, sleek lines and elegant texture is fully integrated with a fashionable mobile device and is able to live undetected in a purse, backpack, cosmetic bag or briefcase until it is needed. The KINKOO is the answer to this electronic conundrum. Users can slip it into their pocket and enjoy the freedom to move with the sleek and slim Infinite One.
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