Manufacturer of the Innovative Self-Locking Tap Extension Announces International Availability with New Distributor offers Machinists and Manufacturers Worldwide Accessibility to their Line of Tap Extensions Through User Friendly Online Order/Shipping Platform

Manufacturer of the Innovative Self-Locking Tap Extension Announces International Availability with New Distributor
Smith Valley, NV, December 12, 2013 --( As we look forward to a New Year, Tap Associates Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of to their Distributor Roster and potential for international expansion.

Pamela Gurr, Distributor Services Director of Tap Associates, Inc., added, “ exemplifies global growth trends. This company streamlines order placement and shipping process for us to respond immediately to international demand for our products. We anticipate strong domestic and international growth as a direct result from contributions and their dedication to customer service,” said Ms. Gurr.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to bring the Tap Associates line of Self-Locking Tap Extensions to the global market," said John Winkler, founder and president of "We are confident that machinists around the world will understand and appreciate this unique solution to close quarter and long tapping problems. With international demand for American made products on the rise, any company that limits themselves to the U.S. market is doing a disservice to themselves and their potential customers. Our international capabilities and partnerships will ensure that the Tap Associates product line will grow beyond borders and provide every opportunity for their Self-Locking Tap Extensions to become a successful American export."

About (Mukwonago, WI USA) is a leading supplier of innovative thread identification, conversion, repair and cutting tools headquartered in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Products include an extensive selection of nut, bolt, and screw thread gauges, thread adapters, helical and key locking thread inserts, split die thread chasers, drills, taps and tap extensions.
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About Tap Associates Inc.
USA OEM Makers of the Self-Locking Jüngere Tap Extension (Smith, NV USA). The unique self-locking feature offers the smallest outer diameter (OD) of any Tap Extension in the industry, and the ideal solution for close quarter and long tapping problems. Available in 2,4,6,8 and 12-inch lengths, our Extensions are competitively priced offering all the benefits of a long tap, yet at the cost associated with a standard tap. Fits standard ANSI (metric) machine tap sizes #0-6 to 1-1/4 and pipe (NPT) tap sizes 1/16 to 1-1/2.

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