2014-Resolutions to Improve Your Time Management Skills, Save Time and Reduce Stress

San Diego, CA, December 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Our work, where we spend so much time, is an important place to invest energy implementing the 2014 Time Management Improvement – Stress Reducing New Year’s Resolutions – Stress Reducing New Year’s Resolutions. An event, such as the New Year, is a perfect time to change habits to work smarter-not harder and get more of the right work done in less time, with less stress, from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Continuing a nine-year tradition PEPworldwide-USA, a partner in the global consortium that developed the PEP® Program whose books & programs have reached more than 1½ million people, has asked its clients and associates around the world to share “What’s on your list of Time Management New Year’s Resolutions to help improve your workplace productivity and effectiveness?”

PEPworldwide’s 2014 TOP 10 Time Management Improvement Resolutions are:
1. Update your electronic Task/To Do list & Calendar before you leave work.
2. Do Not Multitask - It Wastes Time, Increases Errors and Creates Stress.
3. Dedicate the first 45 minutes of your day to a major priority before opening email.
4. Do a Weekly Review Action Plan (WRAP) every Friday to know what is happening next week and have peace of mind over the weekend to enjoy your personal and family time.
5. Practice the 4Ds:
> Do It: Get things done “now” which take less than 5 minutes.
> Designate It: Schedule all of your time usage on your electronic calendar.
> Delegate It: Pass on work, with instructions, to others to do as required.
> Discard It: Items with no value should be deleted or put in a recycle bin.
6. No Scroll Bar in your In-Box at the end of the work day.
7. Have an excellent Subject Line for every email so that it is clear what is in a particular email.
8. Use PEP’s Project Implementation Plan (PIP)form to effectively plan out your projects.
9. Do the “Worst Thing First” to reduce procrastination.
10. Set your Outlook system to open in Calendar mode first, not email, at the start of your work day.

According to Lynn Sherman, President of PEPworldwide, “In today’s intense workplace saving time and reducing stress are on everyone’s must list. Workplace stress is a GLOBAL issue — one that needs to be clearly identified and curtailed. Wasting time and reducing stress are such serious problems that we asked our colleagues around the world to contribute to our Time Management Improvement Skills Resolutions. Our Resolutions for 2014 are simple in nature, but one must stick with them in order to improve one’s everyday work habits and routines. Changing behavior is what it takes, and these proven, common-sense, implementable and sustainable resolutions will help people improve their personal productivity and reduce stress.”

For copy of our Time Management Improvement Resolutions to share with others email lynn.sheman@pepww.com

PEPworldwide clients include Astra Zeneca, EY, Roche, Harris Bank, HP, Kraft Foods, Merck, & Toyota.
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