Money Journal Announces Best Real Estate Markets

As the U.S. housing market makes a major recovery from its downfall, Money Journal releases its annual best real estate markets forecasts for 2014.

Los Angeles, CA, January 08, 2014 --( The housing market is on its way to a major recovery thanks to U.S. monetary policy. The best real estate markets in the country have seen improvements in the double-digits over the past year. However, a series of wild cards will drive the market in 2014 as the economy changes. released its best real estate markets forecast for the New Year today.

Rising mortgage rates, technology and changes in the U.S. economy pose major obstacles for most cities markets, but the best 20 markets named by Money Journal real estate analysts are the strongest in the nation. The financial news website annually issues forecasts for the best markets in America during the coming year in January, and updates its forecasts at mid-year.

Some of the hardest hit cities in the real estate crash have experienced the largest recoveries in home values, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami. A series of issues are also producing a large volume of home sales and housing inflation in some cities like Miami, where foreign money is buying up many properties in cash. Technology, however, is driving rampant recoveries in San Jose, California the home of Silicon Valley and other smaller tech hubs.

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