ALPCO Releases STELLUX™ Chemiluminescent Human Intact Proinsulin ELISA

ALPCO has launched their new STELLUX™ Chemi Human Intact Proinsulin ELISA, the latest addition to their chemiluminescent product line.

ALPCO Releases STELLUX™ Chemiluminescent Human Intact Proinsulin ELISA
Salem, NH, February 18, 2014 --( ALPCO has launched their new STELLUX™ Chemiluminescent Human Intact Proinsulin ELISA, the latest assay to be launched in the company’s STELLUX™ Chemiluminescent product line. The new Human Intact Proinsulin ELISA features a broad dynamic range (5-3,000 pg/mL) which is ideal for measuring normal to pre-diabetic samples. The assay also boasts a superior sensitivity of <2.0 pg/mL with <1% cross-reactivity to Des(31,32) proinsulin.

“We’re extremely proud of the development of the STELLUX™ assay range thus far,” says ALPCO’S President, Sean Conley. “This chemiluminescent platform has enabled our R&D staff to provide solutions to problems that have challenged our customers for years. As we expand the STELLUX™ product line, each new assay will be designed with similar customer-centric goals in mind.”

Each production lot within the STELLUX™ portfolio is offered with a lot specific validation summary. “The validation summary includes specifications such as functional sensitivity, inter- and intra-assay precision, LLOQ, ULOQ, and a cross lot correlation panel for inter-lot comparability,” explains Martin Blankfard, Vice President of Scientific Operations. “This is an element many of our pharma customers have been seeking for some time now, and we’re pleased to answer their call.”

The next STELLUX™ products to be released in the coming months will include assays for C-peptide and GLP-1.

ALPCO offers a wide range of testing solutions, providing scientists and healthcare professionals with vital tools for advancing research and improving quality of care. Our product portfolio includes applications for immunoassays, HPLC, LC-MS/MS, purified antibodies, recombinant proteins, flow cytometry reagents and our new STELLUX™ chemiluminescent assay platform. The STELLUX™ assays from ALPCO are for Research Use Only.
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