Brooks Entertainment -Star Cigar- Builds Billion Dollar Intellectual Property

Billion Dollar "Stick" for the S.O.B™ Cigar and Republic Technologies LLC.

Brooks Entertainment -Star Cigar- Builds Billion Dollar Intellectual Property
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, February 17, 2014 --( The S.O.B™ dominican cigar intellectual property, wholly owned by Brooks Entertainment Inc. has emerged in growth. Republic Technologies France is the world’s biggest factory for the production of rolling paper booklets, with an annual production capacity of a billion booklets. Also, Republic Technologies LLC. is the France based corporation and owner of JOB, OCB, and Zig-Zag ( On August 14, 2013 according to the (TTAB) Trademark Trial & Appeal Board proceeding involving case no. 91212024, Brooks Entertainment Inc. became legally represented by Beverly Hills Bar Association law firm, M.E.T.A.L Law Group. The legal proceeding is to resolve a S.O.B™ cigar intellectual property negotiation settlement, opposition, or merging partnership with Republic Technologies LLC. (, A resolution could be on its way with a proceeding date set for March 2014. The S.O.B™cigar invented by Shon Brooks continues to top the charts. (

The S.O.B™ brand has 5 characters, including letters and periods. The unique, aboriginal trademark historically received the highest (GPA) Grade Point Average and (QPA) Quality Point Average ratings prior to utilizing any cigar trade show booth marketing. Brooks Entertainment Inc. protects it’s top shelf S.O.B cigars™ and Hand Made S.O.B™ Dominican Republic intellectual property rights in registration number 001-0945495-9. Also, it is protected in the USPTO and Copyright registration numbers 85/551,808 and VAu 1-071-810. Meanwhile, the S.O.B™ cigar continues to sell out and be in mass production globally. It was featured and showcased during May 2013, when the Hard Rock Casino, Punta Cana signed Shon Brooks™ to an endorsement contract.

“The S.O.B™ luxury cigar brand was created for the Vanquisher that plays the cards that has been dealt in life to win and not fold! It is vital that you remain ethical at all times even though others may bend the rules of life. Pressing on is when you begin to obtain Rock Star status!” (Says the company’s mission statement)

The S.O.B™ Star Cigar is a non-downloadable hit with 100% Dominican tobacco leaves that date back to 1894 through Tabaqueria Carbonell CXA. Brooks Entertainment puts an international stamp on the cigar industry. Also, 25 percent of the profits have already been donated to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund The first United States retailer to market the extremely rare S.O.B™ Torpedo and Robusto cigar was the Habana Club Cafe located in Horton Plaza within the downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter. The Habana Club Cafe provides front door, free consumer shipping to all cities in the United States for that A- List cigar aficionado.!/photo.php?fbid=182224115328&set=a.182221450328.160388.182221200328&type=1&theater

When asked of Shon Brooks, CEO about how some older companies have lost their innovative spirit by partaking in trademark infringement and false claims? Shon says, "Trademark infringers remind me of the time in grade school when my teacher graded my exam paper that was an ‘A’ and noticed that two other individuals had the same exact answers. The teacher could not determine who had copied, so she made everyone retake the same exam. When I had scored an even higher grade than before and the others had failed, showed the examiner who had infringed and who did not. The teacher's lesson taught me that sometimes I had to do things more than once, if I wanted to prove that I was more authentic."

Shon Brooks is a Time Warner - TV Editorial Excellence Award Winner for covering the Olympic Games, noted Game Changer by Invention Magazine, and named Superhero by ‘On Wall Street’ Magazine and Financial Planning Magazine. Herald for his bravery in altering history may deem him one of the greatest of all time. The S.O.B™ cigar brand does not include the values of its separate hit trademark brand -“S.O.B Television™”. Brooks Financial & Entertainment Consultants protects it’s S.O.B Television™ title of work and alternative titles Save One Bank™ in USPTO trademark registration 4,287,528. The brand’s copyright motion pictures registration is PA 1-716-431. This is boosted by Stock Picker™trademark registration 3,921,420. The additional copyright registrations are TXu 1-684-440 and PA 0001788514. Brooks increases its protection in S.O.B Television™ production, “non-contestable”, trademark registration 3,310,233 and copyrights with alternative titles. By keeping ownership of the S.O.B™television rights and digital innovative content allows the corporation to maintain management control of its strict selection of television traffic spots and endorsement deals. The audience engagement and viewership is anticipated to increase with the (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration’s approval of airline inflight travelers being able to connect to the internet above 10,000 feet. (www.ShonBrooks.TV)

Brooks Financial & Entertainment Consultants and its innovative unplugged brands has surged and reaccelerated to estimated views of over 3 milliard worldwide (including China and India). The aforementioned short scale totals do not include Shon Brooks’ NFL, NBA, prime-time Cox-Media interconnect traffic spots or affiliates through AT&T U-verse, Direct TV, or NCM movie trailers. However, the Shon Brooks, S.O.B Television™ pre-show countdown movie trailers have aired and have been integrated during the following in theater movie releases within selected (NCM) National Cinema Movie markets:

See Movie Titles, Distributors and Domestic Box Office Numbers below.

Bad Boys 2 (Sony) $138,540,870

Pirates Of Caribbean (Buena Vista) $305,411,224

Finding Nemo (Buena Vista) $380,529,370

Lizzy Gaguire Movie (Buena Vista) $42,734,455

Freaky Friday (Buena Vista) $110,222,438

Collateral (Dreamworks) $100,170,152

Envy (Dreamworks) $13,548,322

Sinbad: Leg. of 7 Seas (Dreamworks) $26,483,452

League of Ext. Gentle (20th Century) $66,465,204

Pokemon 5 (Miramax) $744,928

Spy Kids 3 (Miramax) $111,760,631

Shaker Heights (Miramax) $280,351

My Boss's Daughter (Miramax) $15,549,702

Dumb & Dumber: Pre (New Line) $26,214,846

How To Deal (New Line) $14,108,518

Freddy Vs. Jason (New Line) $82,622,655

Italian Job (Paramount) $106,126,012

Rugrats Go Wild (Paramount) $39,402,572

School of Rock (Paramount) $81,261,177

Tomb Raider 2 (Paramount) $65,653,758

The Fighting Temptations (Paramount) $30,238,577

Marct X (Paramount) $1,646,664

Daddy Day Care (Sony) $104,148,781

Hollywood Homicide (Sony) $30,207,785

Charlie's Angels 2 (Sony) $100,814328

S.W.A.T (Sony) $116,877,597

In The Cut (Sony) $4,717,455

Legally Blonde 2 (UA/MGM) $90,639,088

Molly Gunn (UA/MGM) $37,095,657

Jeepers Creepers 2 (UA/MGM) $37,904,175

Bruce Almighty (Universal) $242,704,995

2 Fast 2 Furious (Universal) $127,120,058

The Hulk (Universal) $132,177,234

Seabisquit (Universal) $120,277,854

A.M. Wedding (AM.Pie 3) (Universal) $104,354,205

Johnny English (Universal) $28,013,509

Hairy Tale (Warner Bro) $0

Matrix: Reloaded (Warner Bro) $281,553,689

The In -Laws (Warner Bro) $20,440,627

Alex & Emma (Warner Bro) $14,208,384

Terminator 3 (Warner Bro) $150,358,296

Exorcist: Beginning (Warner Bro) $41,814,863

Matchstick Men (Warner Bro) $36,873,198

Grind (Warner Bro) $5,111,630

Shape of Things (FCS) (Indies) $732,241

28 Days Later (FS) (Indies) $45,064,915

Godsend (Indies) $14,334,645

Madison (Indies) $517,262

25th Hour (EXP) (Buena Vista) $13,084,595

The Recruit (Buena Vista) $52,784,696

Shanghai Knights (Buena Vista) $60,470,220

Jungle Book 2 (Buena Vista) $47,901,582

Bringing Down House (Buena Vista) $132,675,402

Piglet's Big Movie (Buena Vista) $23,103,423

Ghost of the Abyss (Buena Vista) $17,093,668

Holes (Buena Vista) $67,383,924

The Terminal (Dreamworks) $77,073,959

Biker Boyz (Dreamworks) $21,908,034

Old School (Dreamworks) $75,155,000

Head of State (Dreamworks) $37,788,228

Antwone Fisher (20th Century) $21,078,145

Just Married (20th Century) $56,127,162

Daredevil (20th Century) $102,543,518

Phone Booth (20th Century) $46,566,212

Chasing Papi (20th Century) $6,126,237

From Justin To Kelly (20th Century) $4,922,166

Garfield (2Oth Century) $75,367,693

Chicago (EXP) (Miramax) $170,687,518

Conf. of A Dang. Mind (Miramax) $16,007,718

Chicago (Wide) (Miramax) $170,687,518

View From The Top (Miramax) $15,614,000

Dysfunktional (Miramax) $2,255,000

About Schmidt (EXP) (New Line) $65,005,217

Final Destanation 2 (New Line) $46,896,664

Willard (New Line) $6,882,696

A Man Apart (New Line) $26,500,000

Narc (Wide) (Paramount) $10,465,659

Hours (EXP) (Paramount) $41,675,994

How To Lose a Guy (Paramount) $105,807,520

The Hunted (Paramount) $6,420,615

The Core (Paramount) $31,111,260

National Security (Sony) $36,288,951

Darkness Falls (Sony) $32,539,681

Tears of The Sun (Sony) $43,632,458

Basic (Sony) $26,599,248

Anger Management (Sony) $135,560,942

Identity (Sony) $52,131,264

Barbershop 2: Back (UA/MGM) $65,070,412

A Guy Thing (UA/MGM) $15,543,862

Dark Blue (UA/MGM) $9,237,470

Agent Cody Banks (UA/MGM) $47,545,060

Assassination Tang (UA/MGM) $1,000,673

B’Proof Monk (UA/MGM) $23,010,607

City of Ghosts (UA/MGM) $325,491

It Runs in The Family (UA/MGM) $7,375,836

Guru (LTD) (Universal) $2,096,000

Guru (EXP) (Universal) $2,096,000

Life of David Gale (Universal) $19,694,635

Blue Comedy (REG) (Warner Bro) $0

Kangaroo Jack (Warner Bro) $66,723,216

Gods & Generals (Warner Bro) $12,882,934

Cradle 2 Grave (Warner Bro) $34,657,731

Dreamcatcher (Warner Bro) $33,685,268

What a Girl Wants (Warner Bro) $35,990,505

A Mighty Wind (Warner Bro) $17,583,468

Malibu's Most (Warner Bro) $34,308,901

The Pianist (LTD) (Indies) $32,519,322

Deliver Us From Eva (Indies) $17,573,594

Boat Trip (Indies) $8,586,376

Bend It Like Beckham (Indies) $32,543,449

House of 1000 Corpe (Indies) $12,634,962

Confidence (Indies) $12,212,417

Paparzazzi (20th Century) $15,712,072

Virgin (Artistic License) $9,501

Vanity Fair (Focus Features) $16,123,851

Spiderman (Sony) $373,524,485

The pursuit of Happiness (Sony) $162,586,036

The Passion of The Christ (New Market Films) $370,782,930

For Media confirmation of in theater box office numbers, please contact Chad Everhart located at NCM Cinema Network (All 2010 Shon Brooks movie premier integrations were omitted for conservative measurements.) As for the S.O.B™cigar TTAB proceeding follow
S.O.B Cigars
Paris Crosby (Retailer and Public Relations Calls Only)
S.O.B Cigar Authorized Retailer - Habana Club Cafe 858-231-6673 780 4th Ave
(between G St & F St)
San Diego, CA 92101
Neighborhood: Gaslamp