Launch of the New Mega Auctions, Classifieds, and e-Commerce Marketplace aka ( a Catchy Spelling EZ–Deal-E. Not Spelled

The new mega auctions, classifieds, multiple store, and e-commerce online market aka ( is launching in the U.S. on television and online 2nd quarter 2014. A catchy spelling EZ–Deal-E, Not spelled It will be a mega online and television marketplace.

Launch of the New Mega Auctions, Classifieds, and e-Commerce Marketplace aka ( a Catchy Spelling EZ–Deal-E. Not Spelled
Chicago, IL, March 27, 2014 --( Shop Club USA Network (Scusa Network) is proud to announce the release of its new online marketplace under the brand, This will be a major online marketplace for Classifieds, Job ads, Auctions, and much more. The team at Shop Club USA Network decided to do a play on words with the brand name. Instead of spelling it the traditional way of or, Scusa Network decided to spell it a little differently. “Many people love the spelling and think it’s catchy. It’s spelled just as it sounds “EZ-DEAL-E,” said Steven P., a senior manager with Scusa Network.

“We tried many variations of the spelling (,, and even After polling many people, we soon found that the catchy play on letters was the crowd favorite. We decided to stick with We ended up purchasing most of all the variations of the domain names. With SEO, promotion, branding, we’re confident that the consumers and sellers will remember that the correct spelling is just as it sounds,” said David an employee. (aka will be giving its sellers up to 90% off listing fees for the first 3-6 months. That blows away the competition. “Many people have complained about other sites that drop their sellers and or charge them too much. We want our vendor partners and independent sellers to know that is all about a one on one relationship with its users,” said Steven P.

A breakdown of what (aka will be offering on its online platform:

-Sellers will be able to sell products c2c,b2b, or b2c.
-Lower posting fees than any of the competitors.
-Sellers can upgrade to a featured store front for a small upgrade fee.
-Sellers can upgrade to a TV shopping partner and have their store fronts. featured on ezDEALe TV. ezDEALe TV will be broadcasted to millions of U.S. TV homes. As a TV auction and product showcase program.
-More of a shopping experience with more video content, blogs, and resources.

-Users can list a classified with an approved and verified free account with (These classifieds can be local listings or even national.)
-Employers can list Job ads and job seekers can search for jobs through the section

Multi-Vendor / Stores market place
There will be hundreds of stores partnering up to sell their products on for the launch. From Electronics, Clothes, beauty products, Jewelry and much more.

Much more info on (aka coming soon.

This is an exciting project that aims to make the all-around shopping experience online more reasonable on the pocket, and more of an experience.


Slogan: Experience the Marketplace
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