A New Regional SolarOrganite® Biosolids Management Facility

A Florida land owner will be having a SolarOrganite® Biosolids Management Facility setup on his farm land to protect the environment and make Class AA/EQ fertilizer.

A New Regional SolarOrganite® Biosolids Management Facility
Leesburg, FL, June 20, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Eco Sciences, LLC announced today that they are working with a major Florida landowner, that in the past has accepted wastewater treatment plant sludge to help fertilize their farm land. With more regulations and restrictions on land application on wastewater sludge and their concerns to help protect Florida's lakes, streams and springs, they looked into an option that will meet all State and Federal regulations. They discovered their best option was to installation a new Regional SolarOrganite® Biosolids Management Facility. The Regional SolarOrganite® Biosolids Management Facility will be able to process 78,000 Tons of Wastewater Sludge annually. They will be charging a sludge haulers disposal fee of $25 per ton for treatment and processing. With an estimated income stream of $ 1,950,000, the total capital cost of the Regional SolarOrganite® Biosolids Management Facility will be totally paid off in less than three years. The total cost of the Facility is $ 5,000,000. This newly developed solar process will help them manage their capital cost, energy use, ecological conservation, carbon footprint and help with sludge disposal needs of local Municipalities and sludge haulers through a solution that is safe, environmentally friendly and that will positively provide major cost savings and a state licensed fertilizer to use or sell.

The SolarOrganite® Biosolids Processing Facility will save money and reduce their carbon footprint while saving on transportation, energy costs and other disposal costs. Using the new environmental friendly technology, the treated end product from the Wastewater Sludge is a Class AA/EQ (Exceptional Quality) slow release biosolids fertilizer, meaning it can be reused without risk to peoples health or the environment. This New propriety process will help protect all Lakes, Streams, Springs, Rivers, and Enhance Soil and will drastically Reduce the Wastewater Treatment Plant's Sludge Disposal Costs.

Only natural sunlight is used with this new process to create energy to dry the wastewater sludge and through this SolarOrganite® process all biosolids are totally dried and pasteurized with the increase in processing temperatures that destroy all pathogens and removes all vector attraction, meeting ALL State and Federal Regulations. Particulates from the end process are converted to a safe Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services licensed slow release fertilizer and it can be used safely in agriculture, lawns, landscape, farming or anywhere.
Eco Sciences, LLC
Gary Hammond, President