Fitzgerald Coaching, Inc. Has Set More Than 20,000 Listing Appointments for Real Estate Professionals Nationwide

Rochester, NY, June 24, 2014 --( Fitzgerald Coaching, Inc., a Pittsford NY based company, has set more than 20,000 listing appointments for real estate professionals nationwide. Those same real estate professionals have earned millions of dollars in commissions selling homes listed as a result of Fitzgerald Coaching’s unique prospecting service.

“Although we are thrilled to have become business partners with so many great real estate agents, it is really those partners that deserve all the credit for our success. Without their expertise in dealing with homeowners, taking listings and then getting homes sold, our firm’s efforts to set appointments would have very little value. We feel fortunate to have established strong relationships with great agents that have been with us for years,” says Founder Coach Bob Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald goes on to add, “prospecting isn’t new nor is it complicated. It is by no means a magic pill either. It takes a skilled real estate professional to help any homeowner succeed in today’s market but when we combine or prospecting service with their skill and market expertise, the combination becomes extremely profitable and efficient for our partners. We look forward to setting the next 20,000 appointments!”
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