Author Ahead of the Pack with Health Info

Forget the Cures, Find the Cause, Book II, by Rayna Gangi has the information your newspaper and television headlines will have months from now.

Daphne, AL, October 20, 2007 --( Forget the Cures, Find the Cause, Book II, by Rayna Gangi has the information your newspaper and television headlines will have months from now.

A medical intuitive with Native American training, Gangi’s newest release covers such subjects as the dangers of children’s medications and vaccines, what microwaves do to your food and your body, how the FDA doesn’t do the job it was intended to do, and the causes of many diseases doctors believe are not curable. Coupled with her internationally popular podcasts on holistic and alternative health, listeners and readers often feel that mainstream media is paying attention to her words, and then using her insight to produce their own shows.

“Rayna G., as we affectionately call her, will speak about Staph infections and children’s medications one day, and three weeks later we hear it on the news.” Ashley Tunner is a media major and communications specialist who analyzes trends in television news, talk radio, and internet-based podcasts. “The Holistic Health Hotline,” she says, “has predicted hurricane landfalls days before anyone else, spoken about the politics of health and political awareness long before the present candidates address the issues, and specifically addresses health care problems weeks before we hear about the FDA response.”

Elsa Claverie, Gangi’s marketing V.P., is elated that “people are finally seeing what we’ve known for years. Rayna has an uncanny gift for seeing and explaining the big picture that affects our bodies, minds and spirits. Those of us who work with here are constantly amazed that she can predict the things she does, and has the insight that is so needed by other professionals in both the health care fields, and the political arena.”

Book I was on’s “movers and shakers” list for weeks and Book II is now debuting online and in bookstores worldwide.

“Rayna has listeners in every single country in the world, devoted fans of her podcast and avid readers of everything she writes,” says Claverie. “We do believe that many in mainstream media are also listening and when they investigate her advice, they develop their own stories. Not a bad thing, really. The word gets out, and that’s Rayna’s purpose.”

When asked about her recent podcasts and her book’s success, Gangi said, “I am very concerned about the future of my country, and the of the world. There are agendas out there that are not for the greater good and American apathy is allowing these agendas to move forward. I hope to be a catalyst for change, a small voice that somehow stirs the individual spirit to find the courage to speak and act to protect our children, our nation, and our future.”

Elsa Claverie