America’s Leading Ocean Freight Expert Reveals $650 Million in Hidden Cash for 40,000 Importers

America’s leading ocean freight expert has revealed that there is $650 million in hidden cash available for ocean freight importers. The VP of Supply Chain Finance of a medium U.S. retailer was thrilled when awarded $200,000 that took less than one hour of setup time.

America’s Leading Ocean Freight Expert Reveals $650 Million in Hidden Cash for 40,000 Importers
New York, NY, July 30, 2014 --( There is hidden money in ocean freight — money that adds to a company’s bottom line, as well as providing importers free ocean freight services. This isn't about negotiating better volume contracts or changing your ocean freight program. This is real money that is within your grasp, if you were only aware as to how to receive it.

Supply chain, finance, procurement, logistics, and operations management of small to medium companies that use ocean freight services are eligible to claim this hidden cash — cash that can be used to reduce your supply chain costs.

No Upfront Fees

According to the industry insider, “Most importers are not aware that their cash is sitting overseas in some foreign bank account. If they knew how simple it is to get in on the action and claim their slice of the pie, they would set the wheels in motion immediately.”

There are no upfront fees to pay, just an hour of your time to see if you’re eligible. This is not a "sounds too good to be true" come-on. The cash is real and there is a very good chance that part of it is yours. Imagine sitting down with the CFO and explaining that you have just found $10, $50 or a $100 thousand or more by spending just an hour of your time.

U.S. Retailer Receives $200,000

One regional U.S. retailer received a cash refund to the tune of $200,000, a multi-national importer picked up a check for $125,000, and an importer of 200 containers a year, $80,000. Not all importers will receive that much; some maybe more. But rest assured that if you do not initiate the process, you will receive nothing.

Whether you import 100, 500 or 1000 containers per year, a return could yield anywhere from $20 thousand and up. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. If you are not sure how to find that first stepping stone, the information below will give you a head start.

Steve Ferreira has worked in the ocean freight industry for several decades. His ocean freight consulting company discloses what your company might receive at Steve explains, "We created this site to make sure that importers are aware that a sizable amount of their money could be put back into their company treasury. The process is painless and uses very little time of the importer’s."

Steve Ferreira is recognized as one of America’s leading ocean freight experts. Steve has lead teams in Asia, Europe and the United States and is also recognized as an international expert witness in all matters having to do with ocean freight invoicing and pricing. A simple upload of 3 basic data points can start the ball rolling. Steve and his expert team do the rest. According to Mr. Ferreira, 95% of clients who contact him receive cash. You can reach Steve by telephone at 646-217-4215 or via email:
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Steven Ferreira