Upgraded Real Estate Website Designs Re-Define Real Estate Investing Business

Upgraded Real Estate Website Designs Re-Define Real Estate Investing Business
Plano, TX, August 21, 2014 --(PR.com)-- A real estate investing firm that also develops real estate investor websites, www.RealEstateInvestorsWebsites.net, has released new, upgraded designs for their websites that increase direct response for website visitors, converting them from cold website visitors to closed real estate deals.

Real estate investors can now attract new leads hands-off, automatically follow up with them, and convert them to closed real estate deals. The new designs come equipped with a video squeeze form that compels visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for a free E-book that provides information they need.

Once they provide this contact information, the websites automatically start sending carefully pre-timed email messages that are designed to compel them to provide their house information, or any other necessary information, directly from the website or through a phone call.

In addition, they continue receiving helpful email messages with information they treasure. These emails also compel them to take action, thereby converting them to close real estate deals. In addition, the continued contact with well-timed messages results in increased rapport and trust resulting to more closed deals and profits.

The websites come equipped with a simple back office that controls everything on the websites – even for real estate investors who are new to computers.

In addition, each website is delivered with a choice of over 200 designs that are fully customizable to suit any individual needs. In addition, each website can be fully adapted with a few clicks to suit any business model.

Each website comes equipped with all the content for any business model that is fully customizable to suit any business model.

For more information please visit www.RealEstateInvestorsWebsites.net, or call 214-227-8718.
Simon Macharia