Epicure Digital Presents "MyPlate with Specials" Menu Boards to Help Stop Drop in School Lunch Participation at CalSNA 2014 in Sacramento

Presenting Epicure Digital’s "MyPlate with Specials" Menu Boards and Expanded offering of MyPlate movable menu boards at CalSNA 2014 Conference in Sacramento, Booth #808, to help school Food Services to help stop drop in school lunch participation.

Epicure Digital Presents "MyPlate with Specials" Menu Boards to Help Stop Drop in School Lunch Participation at CalSNA 2014 in Sacramento
Sacramento, CA, November 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Epicure Digital, a leader in digital and dry erase menu boards for K-12 schools, introduces its new "MyPlate with Specials" Menu Boards and Expanded offering of MyPlate Movable Menu Boards at CalSNA 2014 California Annual School Nutrition Conference, Sacramento, CA, November 14-15, 2014, Booth #808.

A main challenge of School Food Services these days is to stop the ongoing decline in school lunch participation, as published in the GAO-14-104 report per congressional requesters:
“Nationwide, participation in the National School Lunch Program declined in recent years after having increased steadily for more than a decade. According to our analysis of USDA’s data, total student participation—the total number of students who ate school lunches—dropped from school years 2010-2011 through 2012-2013 for a cumulative decline of 1.2 million students (or 3.7 percent), with the majority of the decrease occurring during school year 2012-2013,” said the GAO in its report.

“The decrease in the total number of students eating school lunches during the last two school years was driven primarily by a decrease of 1.6 million students paying full price for meals, despite increases in the number of students eating school lunches who receive free meals,” said the report.

Epicure's "MyPlate with Specials" Menu Boards http://www.myplatemenuboards.com/myplate-with-specials-segment-dry-erase-menu-boards.html provide school food services with a marketing tool to highlight their lunch and breakfast main offerings and A-La-Carte offerings in their own Specials area, as restaurants do to help increase participation in their limited offers.

Epicure’s Expanded offering of MyPlate Movable Menu Boards http://www.myplatemenuboards.com/myplate-on-wheels.html provides K-12 school food services with practical and attractive ways to meet the USDA requirements to identify food items for lunch and breakfast in any school service line - indoor or outdoor. School can mount a lunch and breakfast menu board back-to-back for use at both meals, ideal for promoting lunch while going to or eating breakfast.

The uniqueness of the new Epicure Menu Board signage solutions are creative and effective nutritional labeling signage options to update daily changes on menu boards in school cafeterias quickly and easily – in less than one minute – saving time and money.

Epicure Digital and Dry Erase Menu Board solutions are creative and effective solutions to meet USDA's clear and simple directive to Schools: “Schools must identify, near or at the beginning of the serving line(s), the food items that constitute the unit-priced reimbursable school meal(s).”

Epicure Digital's nutritional labeling signage options allow K-12 schools to easily and quickly, in less than a minute, update daily changes on menu boards in school cafeterias, saving the school time and money.

The Epicure Menu Board product line includes:

Epicure Digital Menu Boards with NutriLive Nutritional Menu Labeling and creative ways to add Smart Snacks A-La-Carte information. One can view a selection of Epicure Digital Menu Boards Installations at http://www.myplatemenuboards.com

MyPlate Dry Erase Menu Boards: http://www.myplatemenuboards.com/myplate-dry-erase-menu-boards.html

MyPlate Dry Erase Boards with Magnetic Strips and Magnetic Blocks is a simple system to save time and avoid handwriting and spelling errors. It will take less than a minute to update your menu boards daily.

MyPlate with Specials’ Menu Boards http://www.myplatemenuboards.com/myplate-with-specials-segment-dry-erase-menu-boards.html

MyPlate Dry Erase Boards with Colored Frames.

MyPlate Dry Erase Boards on Wheels: http://www.myplatemenuboards.com/myplate-on-wheels.html

MyPlate Front of Line Dry Erase Boards with suction cups and free-standing models: http://www.myplatemenuboards.com/front-of-line.html

Smart Snacks A-La-Carte Dry Erase Boards.

All Epicure Dry Erase Menu Boards can use any of Epicure Dry Erase technologies (Magnetic Strips, Magnetic Blocks and Transparent reusable clings) and signs and frames (Hanging, Colored Frames, On Wheels and Front of the Line).

Epicure Digital clients include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.

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