Calentic: The Next Big Idea

Calentic is a modern online event calendar service that aims to improve the user experience with new, never before seen features. Calentic gives users the unique ability to attach images and videos to events and share them with family and friends or with the world. For additional information about Calentic and the services they offer go to their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

Calentic: The Next Big Idea
Seattle, WA, November 19, 2014 --( A modern calendar with never before seen features.

An online event calendar that allows users to create events using images and videos and organize, manage, and share them with friends or with the world.

Indispensable to many around the world, the calendar is a very productive tool that allows professionals to organize and manage their schedules. Surprisingly, that usefulness and reliance does not extend to individuals’ busy and active personal lives.

Calentic is a modern online calendar that allows users to create events, attach images and videos to them, and publish them on their calendar. The primary image or video of each event is displayed on each calendars’ square along with its title and time.

Calentic offers 2 types of calendars:

- A private calendar that is particular to each user and is theirs to manage and organize
- A global calendar that is available for anyone to access, search, and publish events on. Anyone can search the global calendar for events published by others, display the results in a dropdown or directly in the calendar, and view each event’s reviews before adding it to his calendar.

Calentic has an ingenious review process designed to ensure the accuracy of its reviews:

- Only users who are registered for an event can submit reviews for that event
- Users can submit reviews as early as 2 hours before the event start time and as late as 48 hours after the event end time. Submitting reviews 2 hours before an event starts allows users to comment on how an event is coming together. Calentic also wants users to submit their reviews within the first 48 hours following an event while their experiences and recollections are fresh.
- Users can attach images and videos to their reviews
- Event organizers are also reviewed. An event organizer’s review is the average of all of the events they have published

Calentic allows users to add others to their guest list and create a small community of friends that they can communicate and share events and calendars with.

Last but not but least, Calentic allows users to attach forms, payments, and capacities to events:

- The form allows users to collect information from their guests
- The payment allows users to collect registrations or attendance fees from their guests
- The capacity allows users to set the maximum attendance for their events
Calentic is a new, modern online event calendar with a variety of innovative features guaranteed to enhance users’ experience.

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