Local Governments Across the Country Are Meeting the Mandate for Operational Excellence Through Applications of the Theory of Constraints

In 2014, at the TOCICO International Conference in Washington DC, Kevin Fox presented an overview of the significant impact of the improvement projects he has led in the states of Utah, Hawaii and Texas, each of which has led to the wide-scale adoption of Theory of Constraints (TOC) principles in those states. The implementations have led to high levels of operational excellence and saved local governments millions of dollars.

Denver, CO, December 03, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The need to utilize resources more effectively, and work within budgets that are growing at a far lower rate than the demand for services, creates increasing pressure on agencies to improve productivity and local governments across the country are mandating operational excellence. Government employees are highly committed to improving however, the systems are clogged with obstacles to high performance.

Kevin Fox will share his expertise in finding breakthrough solutions for the obstacles to high performance to his ‘Better, Faster, Cheaper: Practical Applications of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) in Government’ Intensive Lab to be held on February 9-10, 2015, as part of the TOCICO Intensive Labs Series in Scottsdale Arizona.

Government agencies are encouraged to take advantage of this exceptional, single focus training opportunity to bring a team of their top managers to learn from and work directly with Kevin. Participants will leave with individual plans to address their specific agency concerns that can be implemented immediately.

Participants in this lab can expect a rigorous, hands-on, interactive two-day session that will provide them with the following:

· A framework for measuring and motivating higher performance.
· A solid foundation in TOC flow principles for government/service operations.
· A simple guide to analyzing processes and identifying focused solutions.
· Practical strategies to accelerate service deliver and reduce backlogs.
· Tools and techniques for breaking bottlenecks and increasing delivery.
· A road map for launching focused improvement efforts using TOC principles.
· Strategies to confront complex government challenges such as recidivism, unemployment and homelessness.
· An array of application examples and case studies from different government agencies.

In this intensive 2-day lab, Kevin will demonstrate and teach the how-to processes that will enable participants to return to their various government agencies with strategies to address the identified obstacles and immediately impact the effectiveness of their operations.

About the facilitator:
Kevin is a founding member of Viable Vision LLC. A business consulting firm focused on operational excellence in project management, supply chain, manufacturing and government organizations. For more than 20 years he has been assisting companies in exposing the hidden potential within their operations and helping them to realize higher levels of profitability, effectiveness, and operational excellence.

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