ALPCO Releases New Chemiluminescent Human C-peptide ELISA

ALPCO adds to their STELLUX® Chemiluminescent line of assays with the launch of the new Human C-peptide ELISA.

ALPCO Releases New Chemiluminescent Human C-peptide ELISA
Salem, NH, December 10, 2014 --( ALPCO announced the launch of its new STELLUX® Chemiluminescent Human C-peptide ELISA on December 5, 2014. This highly characterized assay measures C-peptide requiring only 50 µL of human serum, plasma or cell culture supernatant. The ELISA exhibits greater sensitivity and a broader dynamic range compared to other commercially available C-peptide ELISAs on the market.

Like the previous STELLUX® Chemiluminescent assays available from ALPCO, the STELLUX® Human C-peptide ELISA includes 3 control levels, as well as a lot specific validation package, providing confidence in quality and performance. The assay is run on a standard glow chemiluminescent plate reader common in most research laboratories.

“The measurement of C-peptide is becoming more and more important to researchers aiming to accurately assess glucose stimulated insulin secretion, understand beta cell function, or evaluate beta cell health and/or mass,” explains ALPCO’s President, Sean Conley. “Our STELLUX® Chemiluminescent C-peptide ELISA provides this area of research with a more accurate and dependable tool for achieving this goal.”

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Nirja Patel