Astropup, the First Game from MadTinker Games for iPhone and iPad Hits the App Store

Indie studio MadTinker Games, today announced their first game, Astropup, to jump into the iOS gaming ecosystem. Astropup is a gravity based puzzler with some unique twists. With a simple tap you can navigate some brain bending celestial challenges.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 07, 2015 --( MadTinker Games, a small indie mobile gaming studio, has released their very first game, “Astropup” for both the iPhone and the iPad.

Astropup is a one tap physics puzzle/adventure game with its own unique character. This game is a journey through space as the puppy undertakes an epic quest to find a way back home, and warn Earth of an impending alien invasion.

This action and adventure continues to 120+ exciting levels with all sorts of novel twists.

The game opens with a deep space exploration vessel being shot down by an alien fleet. The ship is damaged beyond repair, so the astronauts lash together a mini spaceship with a gravity generator. They put their heroic pet puppy into it and send him to warn Earth. He has to valiantly negotiate black holes, radiation, space anomalies and the dastardly alien fleet, using nothing but a limited gravity booster pack to slingshot him to the next space gate. If he gets there ahead of the fleet he can activate Earth's solar system defences.

This free version of this game is being released across multiple mobile platforms to share the fun no matter what device you have, but for now it has been released for iOS devices only.

Jay Ashworth, Marketing Manager of MadTinker Games commented, “This is a challenging game for the gameboys around the world who love to play original games. This truly has been a labour of love. Its our first game, so let us know what you think about it!”

You can download the free version of Astropup from App Store now

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