DYL Announces SMS Texting Features

DYL, a Cloud-based phone system with Sales Automation, announces new features that allows SMS texting in groups, onversations and reminders.

Marina Del Rey, CA, January 20, 2015 --(PR.com)-- DYL launches new SMS features for added marketing and sales automation.

DYL’s new SMS features allows contact centers to connect with and convert new business leads through added automation.

DYL, a cloud-based phone system for sales automation with features to blend call center dialing with customer relationship management (CRM), today announced the launch of new short message service (SMS) features to its current text messaging capabilities for contact centers of all sizes. DYL’s new SMS features will enable contact centers to effectively connect with potential new business through enhancements to scheduling, deploying and managing text messages.

“The new features we launched for DYL text messaging are designed to add even more automation to your DYL suite of capabilities,” said Matt Vandervort, V.P. of Sales at DYL. “This is an exciting time for marketing, and as DYL continues to grow its list of features, clients will continue to see the benefits in their sales results.”

With new DYL SMS features, contact center clients will be able to schedule a delayed text message to be sent at a future time, automatically send a text message when a new lead is received, send appointment reminders to leads and deploy group texts.

Additional DYL SMS features include:

- Effectively re-design templates for all of your employees to deploy to leads, including personalized and consistent brand messaging
- Efficiently communicate with leads with real-time notifications of responses
- Successfully digitize your phone number so that your lead is receiving calls and text messages through the same business number through VoIP
- View history of SMS chats with new business leads
- Strategically integrate with DYL Lead Manager, our sales automation software that puts you first in line to contact all leads and successfully convert those leads into new business, and DYL Campaign Dialer, which will enable your team to achieve their fullest sales potential by generating over 100 calls per hour

About DYL
DYL is a cloud-based phone system for sales automation dedicated to changing the way contact centers interact with leads and improving the closing process. Merging sales and marketing with technology and automation expertise, DYL is a leader in innovating the contact and sales process for contact centers throughout the United States. Through partnerships with top-selling P&C insurance agents, DYL is committed to providing a best-in-class experience for agencies of all sizes, and across many industries. DYL was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California. For more information: http://dyl.com/

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