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London, United Kingdom, March 05, 2015 --( ATS is a software development company based at Puddle Dock in Blackfriars, London. They produce and utilise a range of leading trading tools, including the ATS 1Trader Software. ATS has its headquarters in Hong Kong and have recently relocated their London office on the back of some impressive growth last year. Part of their success comes down to the structured approach to trading that they offer their clients.

The ATS 1Trader software is designed as an excellent entry level system for those wishing to have a self-managed route into the market, whilst also suiting more experienced traders due to its time-efficient, aftermarket operation. This system is effectively ‘capped’ at an £80K investment, so once traders reach this level of capital they can either draw a residual income or potentially move onto the ATS DayTrader system which sees them trading on the live markets for much higher potential gains.

The company in essence supports their clients into bigger and better things, by showing them what they can achieve through a few minutes a day and offering the incentive of moving to live trading once they reach the initial targets that are set. All this is done with the professional support of a personal analyst, who has a vast experience of the market and helps to guide clients through the entire process. The support team has won various accolades for their customer service and are the backbone of the company’s ongoing retail success. The system is a great entry level to the market.

The use of trading software has now become common in today’s stock market industry. People are relying more than ever on these software programs to assess the market situation and assist them in their decision making processes. ATS also offers trading systems for both the Currency Markets – ATS 1FX and Commodity Trading – ATS Commodities. These systems are very much at the high-spec end of the spectrum and are recommended for advanced traders. The company also actively trades the Global Financial Markets utilising their own range of systems, in fact the software that they release has been thoroughly tried and tested, and was developed by traders, for traders.

ATS boasts that they do not have a single client in a loss-making situation overall. They also highlight the fact that all they are really doing is helping people to self-manage the way their money is invested themselves, effectively cutting out the middle-men and thus enjoying the full returns. Investors simply can't afford to leave their precious savings languishing in underperforming funds and wait for the fund managers to do something about it.

With markets trading in a range, it has never been more important for investors to take a close look at who is supposed to be managing their funds to make sure that their money is working as hard as possible for them. The stock market is a lucrative business and ATS seem to have a very structured and disciplined approach to helping people harness its earning potential.
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Tony Smith