Rago Shapewear Modernizes with Cloud-Based Shop Floor Control System from IP Experts

The Made in the USA producer of women’s shapewear and intimate apparel has replaced legacy software to take advantage of the cost, usability and cloud-based technology provided by Incentive Payroll Experts.

Rago Shapewear Modernizes with Cloud-Based Shop Floor Control System from IP Experts
Greenville, SC, April 14, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Incentive Payroll Experts LLC (IPE) (www.incentivepayroll.com), a leading provider of shop floor control and incentive payroll solutions, announces that Made in the USA intimate apparel manufacturer Rago Foundations LLC has replaced a legacy software system with the cloud-based Incentive Payroll (IP) solution at its Long Island City, New York headquarters. The manufacturer and wholesaler of the 70 year old Rago® Shapewear brand reports that the new system has helped the company reduce costs and streamline the collection and reporting of production information for payroll processing and production management.

“We always felt that payroll and shop floor systems could be easier to use and maintain,” explained Justin Chernoff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rago. “The newly developed IPE solution presented us with the opportunity we have been waiting for. Since installing it late last year, we have found it to be simple to implement, use and maintain. After previously moving to a cloud-based ERP system, we wanted to further eliminate the need for in-house servers and the related costs and maintenance. IPE has also helped us reduce complexity by making production information more accessible and providing us with more responsive support. We particularly like that we can monitor production in the cloud even when we are away from the office.”

Rago implemented the new system across its 90-person operation in stages over a few weeks’ time. The IPE system, among other things, streamlines bundle ticket setup and printing, tracks time and attendance through the company’s biometric time clocks, and calculates gross piecework payroll. Rago then passes the gross payroll information electronically to outsourcing provider Paychex® for net payroll processing services.

“We applaud Rago for their commitment to manufacturing in the USA and their rapid and efficient implementation of the IP Solution,” added IPE Managing Partner Brad Mikes. “Their dedication to providing their teams with the technology and information needed to succeed and excel serves as a model for the many manufacturers struggling with old or overly complex systems. The success they have achieved in such a short time demonstrates the power and value of simple and effective solutions in a fast-paced and competitive industry.”

About Rago Shapewear

With a commitment to unique designs, quality materials, excellent workmanship, and perfect fit, Rago Shapewear has been a leader in body shaping fashions for the past 70 years. With distribution in more than 15 countries, the company has earned an unparalleled global reputation by developing and engineering sewing and fabric constructions that produce garments with exceptional ability to comfortably shape the female form. The Rago selection of fabrics is unique because they are constructed of higher performance denier Lycra, and many of its construction techniques are exclusive and proprietary. Because all garments are all made in the USA, Rago is able to stay close to its primary market and ahead of trends in fabrics, trims, and body measurements. For more information, visit http://www.ragoshapewear.com.

About Incentive Payroll Experts

Incentive Payroll Experts (IPE) was formed in 2010 to fill the gap in incentive payroll and shop floor control (SFC) solutions for the apparel, sewn products and other industries that utilize incentive pay systems. The IPE leadership team brings more than 70 years of combined experience in incentive payroll solutions to simplify deployment, use, and maintenance of shop floor and piecework payroll activities. This experience is coupled with flexible and affordable Microsoft® .NET®-based Incentive Payroll software solutions to ensure IPE clients the speed, accuracy and continuity they require for successful work-in-process tracking, data collection, processing and payroll calculations.

Incentive Payroll Experts maintains its headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina and a research, development and support office in Utica, New York. For more information, visit: http://www.incentivepayroll.com.

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