How to Raise a Child with Cerebral Palsy? Parents Share Their Experience from Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital.

How to Raise a Child with Cerebral Palsy? Parents Share Their Experience from Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital.
Sydney, Australia, May 28, 2015 --( "Michaela is the first surviving twin of 16 weeks premature birth, to still be alive today and thriving with stem cells, since her first procedure in China 2009. My wife Wendy and I want to highlight & remind people, especially the experts in the medical field who are quick to generalize our daughter’s condition in order to justify their theories. Our daughter is not another digit to add to their statistics! Since the day our miracle baby girl came into our lives she has enriched our lives in so many ways," said Michaela's father.

"Since day one, the medical experts have tried to dictate to us what is best for our daughter (drugs and more drugs)…because they do not know actually what is wrong with our daughter. They are ticked off because Wendy and I have always stepped outside the box and disregarded their so-called medical advice," said Michaela's father.

"Had we taken their advice and given her Deep Brian Stimulation, Botox, Intrathecal Baclofen Pump (may cause drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, headache, seizures, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, constipation, confusion; just what this child needed!) and other drugs to help her condition, I am convinced our daughter would have been worse off than she is now," said Michaela's father.

"So our strong advice to all parents raising a child with a disability your homework and research and really get to understand your child and your child's needs. Parents live with their child 24/7… doctors and the medical teams do not...and not to feel intimidated by anyone concerning the wellbeing of their child," said Michaela's father.

"We are grateful to the medical experts for their ongoing support, though we need them, at the same time the medical experts really need to look past the medical wall and take the time to really listen to parents raising a child with a disability, and not to treat them as parents not knowing what they are talking about, at the same time respecting what the parents are saying regarding their child," said Michaela's father

"When the reporter returned to our home last Wednesday for the follow up article, she and the photographer were ever so surprised when they saw a big difference in our princess after her stem cells treatment. Wendy and I are over the moon about the improvement in our precious daughter's condition after stem cell treatment. Wendy and I highly recommend all parents raising a child with disability to investigate stem cell treatments. They have to give their child a chance!" said Michaela's father.

Patient information:

Name: Michaela Rodrigues
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy, Secondary dystonia
D.O.B: 13 March 2000
Gender: Female
Country: Australia

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