My Franchise USA Expands Its Services to Serve E-2 Investors

My Franchise USA offers now business consulting to start a new business in the US, adding businesses for sale in addition to franchises. My Franchise USA provides support for business due diligence and the immigration process to E-2 investors.

My Franchise USA Expands Its Services to Serve E-2 Investors
Tampa, FL, March 09, 2017 --( Immigrating to the United States to start a new business is a very challenging project. Starting an entrepreneurial journey is always full of risks especially in a different country. Additionally the human factor is often forgotten by professionals in this sector and it is one of the most important things to consider and address for the investor, to make the project viable and successful.

What states and cities are more business friendly, what industries and sectors are growing in a specific area, what areas have the best demographics for a set business, where to live, what are the areas with the best schools for the kids, what are the taxes and regulations in each state, county or city, the affordability of healthcare, car insurance, etc. All those are questions that a foreign investor has and is pondering before changing his whole life and the life of his family.

My Franchise USA specializes in helping foreign investors, especially E-2 investors, who want to come to the USA and start a business. My Franchise USA helps not only with finding the right type of business, a franchise, an existing franchise, start a new venture or finding an existing business for sale, but also with the human factor mentioned above and help with the immigration process. My Franchise USA has a network of experienced and trustworthy business professionals that help the foreign investor with their project. My Franchise USA acts as well as a project manager, coordinating professionals thru the different steps of the process.

Because this industry and sector is lacking support for E-2 investors, My Franchise USA has worked in the past 3 years to expand its services not only in helping to find a franchise, but also to help those that want to start a business from scratch or those that want to buy an existing business.

This is why a new domain has been secured and a new website has been built. has all the information about all the services offered by My Franchise USA to help E-2 investors.
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