The Hope of Charleston for This Nation

Rev. Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of with over 2.5 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional, has written every morning for 16 years on the issues of the day from a biblical worldview, he says that the response to the massacre of 9 innocent people in a Charleston church this past Wednesday evening is the true hope for this nation.

St. Petersburg, FL, June 22, 2015 --( In a recent media appearance, and Liveprayer TV host Rev. Bill Keller stated, "The nation got a glimpse of over the past few days in Charleston, SC of what true Christianity is all about, and how being bonded by faith in Christ is the only hope and answer for each person and this nation." Keller went on to say, "unlike Ferguson and Baltimore where events were orchestrated by men who used a willful media to promote a false narrative in order to divide people for their own various political agendas, Charleston experienced a true act of evil and answered that evil not with more violence or looting or protests, but with prayer circles, with peace, love, and unity!"

Keller lamented, "Carnival acts on both sides of the spectrum like Al Sharpton and Glenn Beck ran to Charleston to exploit this tragedy for their own personal gain, yet were shunned and ignored by people who didn't want or need outsiders to tell them how to feel or respond to their pain. A Godless media that mocks and demeans Christians and their beliefs each day, was forced to broadcast, acknowledge and marvel at the power of Christ's love as family members of the slain, one by one, told the evil killer of their loved one that they forgave him, loved him, and that Jesus loved him also. As much as the national media has tried to drive a racially divisive narrative around the Confederate Flag, the past history of racism in this nation, the people of Charleston frustrated those efforts by refusing to be distracted and would only talk about forgiveness and that the only hope for all people is the love of Jesus."

Keller also spoke of how President Obama, his administration, and major media entities have created a racially divisive climate unlike anything that we have experienced since the civil rights era. He went on saying, "that climate must bear some of the blame for the massacre in Charleston, since the killer's manifesto specifically spoke of the Trayvon Martin incident as a motivation for his racist views and actions. The facts never supported a prosecution of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, but under pressure from President Obama, the Holder DOJ, Al Sharpton, and the media, Florida State Attorney Angela Corey overruled the original decision not to prosecute Zimmerman and brought murder charges that a jury totally rejected."

Keller was critical of the politicization of this tragedy saying, "Sadly, our President, those politicians who align with him, along with his minions in the media, politicized this tragedy in Charleston before the bodies were even cold to once again show their contempt for the second amendment. My friend, the problem in this nation isn't guns, but a non-existent mental health system that no politician wants to address failing our society and the growing number of our citizens who need mental health services."

He continued, "Adding to a failed mental health system is the Hollywood and entertainment industries that pump into our culture 24/7 mental sewage through music, movies, television programs, video games, and the internet. The vast percentage of the past two generations have now grown up in unstable environments, broken and blended homes void of church attendance, having their minds and views of life shaped by a Godless media culture that operates in complete rebellion to Biblical truth."

Keller marveled, "Despite all of the forces of evil at work in this world, Charleston was a beautiful reminder that God is not dead, that the love of Christ will always triumph over the greatest of evils, and this nation can live a better way. As the Godless culture continues to tell the lies each day that are born in hell that it is acceptable to slaughter 4,000 innocent babies every 24 hours, perverting God's Holy Institution of Marriage doesn't harm society, accepting every kind of sexual perversion and confusion is the 'new normal,' the broken and destroyed lives left in its' wake are realizing that there has to be a better answer, that life doesn't have be so painful, and that there must be a place to find true hope, peace, and joy."

Keller concluded the interview by claiming, "My friend, that is our hope today. As those who know Christ as our Savior and the Bible as the only Truth there is in the world, we know that there is a better way, there is peace that passes all human understanding, that there is really unspeakable joy, and that is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He and He alone is the answer for each lost soul, for this lost nation, and a world that lives in rebellion to Him. Charleston is our reminder that in Christ and Christ alone we have our hope and we have our answer!"

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