ROXOA Group Revamps QP Jewellers and Launches Gold Boutique

The Newcastle-based e-commerce team behind the ROXOA Group has been finding ways to beat the post-summer blues and prepare for the annual market madness of Christmas.

ROXOA Group Revamps QP Jewellers and Launches Gold Boutique
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, August 03, 2015 --( After a long period of wagging chins and several gallons of coffee, ROXOA Group has decisively opted to refurbish their flagship website, QP Jewellers. If that wasn't enough they're also introducing an entirely new brand that’s set to make a bigger splash than Moby Dick. This new venture is an online store called Gold Boutique, specialising in gemstone and diamond jewellery, not unlike QP Jewellers. The official launch day is planned for some time in September. The two websites are going to be constructed simultaneously, promising a lot more thorough research, detailed listings, exciting new articles/blogs, page designs and photography. In short, ROXOA decided that the best way to shake the after holiday lull was by diving headfirst into a wave of work. That being said, though, they did say that the creative aspect takes the edge off and, in fact, they were excited to exercise their new marketing initiatives and set their closely-knit band to the task.

“We wanted to approach the Christmas season with brands that are fresh and unique,” said David Adams, CEO of the ROXOA Group and one of two directors (the other is Matt Silversides) who oversee ROXOA’s myriad in-house market campaigns. “We’re always conscious of keeping our stores current and providing the best user experience we possibly can.”

David and Matt were eager to explain how Gold Boutique was going to differ from their already very successful jewellery store, QP Jewellers. Remaining mindful of a diverse portfolio, their plan is to revamp QP Jewellers so that it wouldn’t be overshadowed by their bold and ambitious plans for Gold Boutique. The forecast of what they want to achieve in the run-up to Christmas befits what will most likely be their best year yet. Respective clients could be looking at twin websites to rival the frontrunners of the British jewellery industry.
Jack Hudson