Understand Chinese at the Click of a Button

User-Friendly Software Maximizes Chinese Language Learning with a Complete Suite of Studying Tools

Understand Chinese at the Click of a Button
Shenzhen, China, August 11, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Written Chinese today announced a major update to its Chinese language learning app, WCC (WrittenChinese.Com) Dictionary. Featuring an intuitive dashboard, one click character recognition, flashcards, a learner's library, and character stroke animation; WCC Dictionary now offers a complete suite of tools to help students, backpackers, and business travelers maximize their Chinese.

“With this update,” said Ms. Hollie Sowden, WrittenChinese.Com’s Marketing Manager, “we’ve revamped the User Interface (U.I.) to make it much more user-friendly. We’ve added a dashboard to create a study space where Chinese language learners have all the tools they need, right at their fingertips. The dashboard contains posted daily homework, a Chinese character of the day, our dictionary search bar, and quick links to our other popular tools. We’ve also installed upgraded Waygo(TM) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software so users can more effectively capture a Chinese word or phrase on their smartphone’s camera and instantly have it translated.”

WCC Dictionary offers beneficial tools for all levels of Chinese language learners. Character stroke animation graphically outlines the exact written order of each Chinese character. Radical breakdown separates Chinese characters into individual radicals so learners can better understand the meaning of each character. A search bar quickly translates and defines each individual Chinese character in a sentence or paragraph (in Pinyin and English). A learner’s library provides e-books for all language learners to enjoy. And via a smartphone or tablet camera, character recognition software quickly translates words and phrases that appear in menus, books, and signs.

WCC Dictionary Basic Features (Free)
- Use Waygo Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to translate Chinese characters directly from your smartphone’s camera (Up to 10 translations per day).
- Write Chinese properly with eStroke(TM) animation.
- Translate words and phrases into English and Pinyin.
- Create your own flashcards to study words you’d like to learn.
- Listen to concise Mandarin audio pronunciation for each character.
- Access their library and read stories in Chinese.
- Study the “Character of the Day” displayed on the dashboard and do daily homework.
- See example sentences for every Chinese word in their extensive database.
- Break any Chinese character into radicals to better understand the meaning of each character.
- Learn HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) levels 1-6 preloaded vocabulary words for learners seeking a Chinese Language certificate.
- Practice on the go as it’s all offline!

Premium Features (Paid)
- Unlimited use of Waygo Optical Character Recognition software (point your phone’s camera at any Chinese character to see the translation in English and Pinyin).
- Access to their story library allows you to read illustrated stories for all levels of Mandarin, toggle Pinyin on and off, easily access English translations, and listen to fluent Mandarin audio.
- Purchase their flashcard packs:
- Dating words flashcard pack.
- Computer words flashcard pack.
- Useful Chengyu (Chinese idioms) flashcard pack.
- Domino Chinese(TM) flashcard learning packs (For learners of the Domino Chinese method).

“With nearly 200K Facebook followers,” said Ms. Nora Wilson, Written Chinese’s Creative Director, “our customers give us lots of feedback and support. As a result, we’ve created a good personal relationship with our hardcore fans and consequently crafted a Chinese language learning platform that’s very easy to use, feature rich, and now easily accessible too.”

WCC Dictionary is available on the go (iOS & Android) and online (PC or Mac). To download WCC Dictionary to your tablet or smartphone, simply visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. For more information, visit www.writtenchinese.com.

About Written Chinese
Since 2009, Written Chinese has been creating a learning community for students of all types and levels to share and improve Chinese together. From travelers to business executives, Written Chinese has provided user-friendly apps, fun online tools, and interactive social media content. Recently rated as the hottest Facebook Mandarin learning page by Dig Mandarin, Written Chinese offers a breadth of language tools dedicated to enhancing the learning of Mandarin Chinese. For more information, please visit www.writtenchinese.com.

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Web: http://www.writtenchinese.com

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eStroke Animated Writing Software

eStroke Animated Writing Software

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Waygo Optical Character Recognition Software

Waygo Optical Character Recognition Software

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