BBL Churchill Offers Ashley Madison Victims Special Counselors

Divorce Finance Company Aims to Help Those Affected

New York, NY, August 19, 2015 --( BBL Churchill, America’s largest divorce lender is offering counselors to those leaving their spouse as a result of the Ashley Madison hacking scandal. Churchill helps qualifying divorcees who cannot keep up with lawyer costs or living expenses. The “affair-enabling” site was breached recently and hackers officially have released users’ names, credit card information, street addresses and more after not adhering to the hackers’ demands of terminating the website. Churchill has agreed to provide those affected by this security incident a special counselor during the subsequent fall out over the remaining summer months.

After these cheaters have finally been exposed after much anticipation, BBL Churchill hopes to help those impacted by this unfortunate incident. Ashley Madison claims to have 36 million users whose profiles are in danger of being released to the public, likely resulting in a surge of divorce filings over the coming months. “It is upsetting that there will be so many lives affected by this breach,” said CEO Brendan Lyle. “BBL Churchill wants to do everything possible to ensure a financially fair divorce for these victims. We act as a helping hand to our clients and encourage anyone who feels deceived by this to stand up for him or herself without financial worry.”

“BBL Churchill is to be commended for their willingness to assist innocent spouses who have been harmed by this breach of the website,” said Founding Partner of Kolodny Law Group in Beverly Hills, CA, Stephen A. Kolodny. “In the past, BBL Churchill has provided very important financial services to some of our clients who, despite the merits of their claims and their substantial family wealth, were unable to fund the high cost of divorce litigation on a current basis. BBL Churchill is a responsible, responsive resource for assisting temporarily cash-strapped clients with the funding necessary for the pursuit of their rights in their divorce litigation.”

Churchill has operated in the United States since 2010, shortly after Lyle arrived from Australia. Unlike other litigation funding companies that require a percentage of a settlement, Churchill offers interest-only loans with rates similar to a credit card. The company is a substitute for clients swiping a credit card and is tailored specifically to divorcees. They provide essential funding to spouses in need, allowing them to pay their attorney, experts and living expenses. Unlike a traditional bank or finance company, Churchill assesses each clients’ eligibility based on their expected settlement, not their current income or credit score. The company's loans do not require repayment until settlement of the respective case.
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Kristin Brice