BlueTracs Resolves Three Bank Robberies in a Single Day

BlueTracs tracking devices continue to deliver success as they help thwart three bank robberies in a single day.

Carrolton, TX, August 20, 2015 --( Last week, BlueTracs, the nation’s premiere leader in tracking technology, assisted law enforcement in the resolution of three separate bank robberies. Law enforcement’s use of the tracking software interface in their vehicles and helicopters allowed them to follow the suspects in real time, prevent their escape, and ultimately capture the suspects.

In one incident, the violent suspect had committed a car jacking prior to initiating a hostile take-over at the bank. Due to the violent nature of the incident, bank employees were not able to provide an accurate description of the suspect or the vehicle. The BlueTracs device allowed law enforcement to locate and pursue the suspect, to a wooded area.

“Our partnership with Law Enforcement is the key to BlueTracs success,” said Mike May, CEO of BlueTracs.

BlueTracs partners with hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the nation, providing free access to software mapping and tracking tools that allow law enforcement to work with the devices installed by local businesses.

Law Enforcement agencies report that using BlueTracs has increased both officer and community safety because it allows law enforcement to safely track suspects and choose the most advantageous location to make an arrest.

BlueTracs has expanded the use of its devices into other business verticals using the product to combat many different forms of theft and robbery.

“We now have trackers in use in banking, retail, pharmacy, shipping, distribution, and utility operations; delivering significant increases in capture rates and product recovery,” said May. “This is about smart solutions to the age-old problem of theft and robbery. Today, BlueTracs, the market leader in tracking solutions, provides the most effective technology to resolve theft and robbery events.”

About BlueTracs:
BlueTracs LLC provides robbery tracking solutions and protection of other key assets services to over 3000 bank branch locations. Recently, BlueTracs leveraged its robust patent portfolio and moved into the pharmaceutical and retail industry by securing major contracts with national retailers for its pharmacy and organized retail crime products. Visit for more information.

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