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Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions

Sustainable Hanger Program Diverts Billions of Plastic Hangers from Landfills

Starting next month, billions of one-use, virgin plastic hangers now going into landfills each year will be replaced by greener hangers through an innovative shipping and retailing program called Garments on Ditto, the outcome of a partnership between green product design company Ditto and supply chain leader OIA Global.

Oakland, CA, August 31, 2015 --(PR.com)-- OIA Global, a provider of worldwide logistics, packaging, and materials sourcing and Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions, a green product design company, have announced a joint marketing agreement creating an innovative program for shipping and retailing called Garments on Ditto. This breakthrough is engineered to make shipping on hangers, commonly known as “Garments on Hanger” (GOH) far more efficient and will allow retailers to replace the billions of one-use, virgin plastic hangers now going into landfills every year. Steve Akre, OIA’s EVP of Business Development said, “retailers can reduce shipping and warehousing costs up to 20% and achieve significant sustainability advances using the Garments on Ditto program.”

The key component to the program is the Ditto hanger, made from 100% recycled paper fiberboard. The hanger is extremely durable and has marketing and retail benefits not possible with plastic hangers. Gary Barker, Ditto’s founder and CEO noted, “People think plastic store hangers are used repeatedly but once the garment is sold, there’s no reuse.” Studies show that 85% of retail plastic hangers are thrown out resulting in a staggering 34 billion hangers going into landfills annually. “With the single use plastic hanger actually costing almost 10 cents more per garment to ship, sell, and dispose of, retailers are paying a premium to send tons of plastic to our landfills,” Barker noted.

The Ditto and OIA “Garments on Ditto” program launches on September 1st.

About OIA Global: Since its founding in 1988, OIA has grown into a $1 billion supply chain leader delivering clients a unique combination of global logistics, materials sourcing, and packaging solutions. With over 1000 professionals, in 60+ owned offices and a worldwide presence in over 25 countries, OIA designs innovative solutions that optimize supply chains around the world. OIA is a part of Indianapolis-based LDI, Ltd., a family office with more than a century of experience funding and operating high-potential, middle-market companies. For more information please visit www.oiaglobal.com and www.ldiltd.com. Contact Jerry Levy, Director of Marketing & Communications, OIA Global 503.736.5900

About Ditto: Ditto Brand Solutions, Oakland, CA conceives, engineers and produces highly-designed, sustainable retail displays. The Ditto Ecological Display is known the world over for its efficiencies, strength, beauty, and marketing power. For more information, please visit www.dittobrandsolutions.com. Contact Gary Barker, CEO, Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions, 510.261.7343
Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions
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Ditto and OIA Global Launch Garments on Ditto

Ditto and OIA Global Launch Garments on Ditto

PR release of Garments on Ditto Program